Terms Of Service

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Iconicsell.com uses some terms of service. To use our service you should agree all terms of service (terms & condition).



By following, purchasing,accessing or getting services from us , you are agreeing our terms & condition. This terms of service apply to all user of this site (like customers, contributors etc). Please read our terms of service carefully before accessing our website, By using our any services or accessing our any part of site you agree our terms of services. If any case you do not agree our terms of service , then you cannot accessing this site.

Iconicsell.com reserves the right to change our terms and service without any notice to its visitors or users. 



This website is an affiliate site of amazon. We are using product of amazon.com. So you cannot copy, reproduct even resell of this service. And you should agree with this terms. Otherwise this is not for you.


Latest product is available exclusively through online in our website. Though this website is a part of affiliate programme, so all product or services we are providing is mainly recommended by amazon.com.  You must have to know about this terms to use our services or product. 


If you thought that you have any questions about us you can comment us in comment section, or if you need some specific service or product from us then you can connect with us through contact us page. But you cannot spam us through this comment or contact. You must agree with this terms to use our service.

To use our service you must know our privacy policy. You can check it here.


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