Runmus Gaming Headset Review – The Cheap Gaming Headset

Hello readers, you’re looking for the best Runmus Gaming Headset, right? Okay, you’re in the right place where you’ll find the Runmus gaming headset review.

Headsets are the most important gadgets for playing games. If you don’t use a headset or durable headphones during playing, you’ll not get the real pleasure of gaming because outer sounds will distract you from the win, and also the people are around you may feel disturbed by your gaming sound.

Here we reviewed some best Runmus gaming headsets for better gaming pleasure.

Finding the best gaming headset isn’t easy. When it is on a tight budget, then it’s harder to choose a better gaming headset. But with Runmus, it’s making all the things more comfortable. Let’s get a headset and explore the sounds of your games.

Best Runmus Gaming Headset – Top 5 Picks

  1. RUNMUS K1 – Runmus Gaming Headset Xbox One
  2. RUNMUS K2 – Runmus Gaming Headset PS4
  3. RUNMUS K8 – High Performance Gaming Headset
  4. RUNMUS K11 – Best High-End Gaming Headset
  5. RUNMUS K1B-PRO – High-Performance Professional Gaming Headset


RUNMUS K1 - Runmus Gaming Headset Xbox One

Brand: RUNMUS | Model: K1 | Color: Black/Red/Blue | Size: 7.5 x 7.9 x 3.5 inches | Weight: 12 ounces | Speaker: 50mm | Sensitivity: 105dB | Frequency Range: 20hz-20khz | Voice Pickup: 360° | Mic Rotation: 160° | Noise-canceling System: Yes | RGB Light: Yes | Cable Type: Braided | Cable Length: 7.22ft | Jack: 3.5mm.

Runmus K1 Gaming Headset Review

Here is the best gaming headset from RUNMUS. It’s a great brand for the headset that’s why it took place on our list again.

The Runmus K1 gaming headset is a comfortable headset for wearing for a long time and playing favorite games for your enjoyment. The looks and design of this Runmus stereo gaming headset are classic different from other Runmus gaming headsets.

The earcups are so soft and comfortable that they feel you wear this wireless headset for a long time without any hesitation. The earcups of this headset by Runmus, have a 50mm neodymium driver that produces and delivers virtual 7.1 surrounding sounds into your ear canals.

When you get the real voices through the Runmus K1 headset, you’ll feel and you’re alive in your device too.

If you go to play games, then you’ll be aware of enemies every step by hearing the sounds clearly and can take enough measures you need, I hope you’re a good player.

Each earcup of this Runmus gaming headset is made of soft leathers that means they’re comfortable and also can last long. No rexine or plastic get damaged easily.

When feeling comforted, you don’t want to pull it out from your ears and you’ll start to complete your sessions. There is no need to take any break to make your ears comfortable.

Like a gaming mouse, the Runmus K1 gaming headset also has RGB lights that increase the feel of the battlefield during gaming. The RGB lights provide only enhance the focus on the game you’re playing.

If you don’t like the lighting, you may turn “OFF” it but you should apply it during gaming. A USB cable is needed for applying RGB lights.

This Xbox One gaming headset will be a great choice if you choose it. The K1 gaming headset from Runmus can be used with different devices with its plug.

The 3.5mm plug is used in every electrical gadget those need to hear, so you can use it with them and can touch with your real sounds. That means you can use it on android, iOS, OS, Windows, PC, laptop, PS games, Xbox, and many more.

You may say this Runmus K1 gaming headset is all in one. A 3.55 cable is enough to connect it with your devices. Other microphones can rotate only 90 degrees but it defeats them in this case. It can be rotated up to 160 degrees. So rotation in your way will give comfort. The ergonomic design is really helpful for it.

This best high-end gaming headset will never miss any words, the mic can pick up voice from 360 degrees around you.

Noise ambient system is installed in it thus you can hear noisy environments and you don’t need to repeat yourself. The cable is also strong. It’s a braided cable that is made with strong material.

  • Great microphone
  • Lightweight
  • Poor noise-isolation
  • Inconsistent audio delivery


RUNMUS K2 - Runmus Gaming Headset PS4

Brand: RUNMUS | Model: K2 | Color: Black/Red/Grey/Pink/Blue | Size: 8.3 x 4.4 x 7.9 inches | Weight: 12 ounces | Speaker: 50mm | Sensitivity: 105+/-3dB | Frequency Range: 20hz-20khz | Voice Pickup: 360° | Mic Rotation: 120° | Noise-canceling System: Yes | RGB Light: Yes | Cable Type: Braided | Cable Length: 7.22ft | Jack: USB+3.5mm 4 Pin.

Runmus K2 Gaming Headset Review

A gaming headset needs to look like gaming gadget and this Runmus K2 is really like a real gaming set that you can see in your games. By the way, looks aren’t necessary, the necessity is to have a great performance. So, let’s dive into the review of the Runmus K2 gaming headset.

Each woofer of this Runmus gaming headset has a strong stereo to produce great bass. 50mm magnetic neodymium driver works with its best to bring real sounds to you.

You’ll play a different kind of game and this is ready to give you actual sounds to your ears. Sound clarity is the most important for gaming and this headset will never disappoint you when you’re wearing it on your ears.

The headband of this Runmus K2 gaming headset has to be accurately fitted in your head and ears otherwise, you’ll feel uncomfortable or may feel it hurts you. This RUNMUS stereo gaming headset is designed to fit it in every head. The frame is made of material so it’ll be durable and last long.

Metal is obviously great from the plastic frame. RUNMUS thinks about their user’s comfort side that’s why you’ll find a soft foam pad on the beam of the frame of it. You won’t feel hurt while using it on your head.

The earmuffs of this gaming headset are perfect like other headsets. As it is sufficiently sized it can be more effective on your ears and provide you with passive noise isolation. The earcups are superior and comfortable which helps to endure hearing impairment & heat sweat.

During playing online games, you’ll need to talk with others and then you must need your words to be clear for them. The microphone has a noise-canceling system. This system is really active while you’re talking about it. The sensitivity of it removes the noises around you and delivers the real voice.

The mic is flexible for this gaming headset from Runmus, so you can easily handle it. The angles are also adjustable. Flexibility helps to use it to work. 120° flexibility is enough to pick your voice. So you don’t need to worry about your friends who don’t find you.

The line controller is there for controlling it. You can mute and the volume wheel is for turning up or down the sound. So while playing different games has different sounds, never need to worry just use the controller and feel cool with it.

RUNMUS K2 gaming headset is compatible with multiple gaming devices. You can play high ended games with clear sounds. This best gaming headset for PS4 is compatible with PS4, PS3, PC, tablet, smartphones, and many more.

LED lights are waiting to brighten up the gaming sessions. The USB port is applicable to wake up the lights. The atmosphere of gaming will rise through the LED lights.

The cable is anti-winding which means it’s so strong to live long with your daily uses. 7.22ft is enough long to use it to maintain distance with your devices.

  • Great design
  • Noise-canceling
  • Comfortable strong materials
  • Low LED
  • Only 120-degree rotation


RUNMUS K8 - High Performance Gaming Headset

Brand: RUNMUS | Model: K8 | Color: Black | Size: 7.5 x 3.5 x 7.9 inches | Weight: 10.6 ounces | Speaker: 50mm | Frequency Range: 20hz-20khz | Voice Pickup: 360° | Mic Rotation: 90° | Noise-canceling System: Yes | LED Light: Yes (Blue) | Cable Length: 7.22ft | Jack: USB+3.5mm 4 Pin.

Runmus K8 Gaming Headset Review

When you’ve less money but your desire is high for having quality headphones for high-end games, then the Runmus K8 headset for gaming is for you.

Advanced audio technology with 50mm audio drivers produces excellent real sounds that are included in games or whatever you’re listening to. Every single sound or word you can understand through it smoothly.

It’s a great thing to identify the sounds during gaming that helps to enjoy and win the games. You can identify every word if the mouth of the speaker goes fluently.

If you compare it with the Runmus K2 vs K8, it also matters to have a great design because you won’t get it free, you’ve to pay for it. The materials used in this Runmus gaming headphone are so light to use. Ergonomic design is comfortable to use in any direction you want or your ears need.

The pad of the headband can be adjusted and the foams of ear cups are so soft that your ears won’t get hurt. The bionic protein cushion coat is really soft and can cover each ear gently.

The materials are made of plastic so it gets lightweight that can wear for a long time and you won’t get discomfort.

Never worry about the platforms for using the K8 gaming headset. Also don’t need to worry that it’s for only games. It can be used for your movies, songs, or other things you want to hear. You can use it on PS4, PS3, PS vista, OS, iOS, android, windows, or other things you want to use.

The noise-canceling system is a great choice in a headset. I said that you can also get other headsets that don’t have this noise-canceling system.

The microphone of the RUNMUS headset has a noise-canceling system that reduces the outer noises around you and filters real voices of yours in microphones that increase the enjoyment when you’re in conversations with others through it.

Everything is upgrading day by day so why not your headset? This RUNMUS headset used upgraded audio 7.1 IC which helps to produce real sounds of your games of players.

The anti-static technology of this headphone is another best part of it. When you’re enjoying your best games or movies those times you don’t wanna hear outer noises around you then this anti-static tech starts its job and endure outer sounds and provide actual sounds your device produces.

Plastic cables are getting damage sooner than other cables. If the cable gets damaged then the headset is no more to use. This headphone uses a high-quality cable for heavy use and it doesn’t get damaged easily at all. It used a robust black knitted audio cable that can perform more than a plastic cable.

It has LED lights so that your gaming periods can be more enjoyable. With the lights, you may feel you’re on a real battlefield. Use the USB power port to turn “ON” the LED light and explore your fondness for your games.

  • Cheaper
  • Anti-static tech
  • Noise-canceling tech
  • LED lights
  • Extra USB ports for lighting
  • Bad surround sound


RUNMUS K11 - Runmus Gaming Headset PS4 Headset With 7.1 Surround

Brand: RUNMUS | Model: K11 | Color: Blue | Size: 8.6 x 7.5 x 4.7 inches | Weight: 10.6 ounces | Speaker: 50mm | Frequency Range: 20hz-20khz | Voice Pickup: 360° | Mic Rotation: 120° | Noise-canceling System: Yes | LED Light: Yes (Red) | Cable Length: 6.5ft | Jack: USB+3.5mm 4 Pin | Microphone Sensitivity: -3dB.

Runmus K11 Gaming Headset Review

A true gamer wants the best gadgets for his gaming. So why not have a gaming headset for crystal clear sounds for every second of gaming.

RUNMUS brings this PS4 headset for having fun especially in gaming that’s why it’s a gaming headphone. You may know that gaming gadgets have external special looks which indicate the power or fashion of a professional gamer, RUNMUS K11 gaming headset won’t disappoint you with the looks of it.

RGB lights make you feel the headset during gaming and the mouth stick also looks like you’re on the real battlefield. It has everything which a true gamer wants. When a player is on the field they must want to enjoy every moment of gaming through the sounds.

The headphone is highly powered and delivers high-quality sounds that don’t let you regret any single sounds. This K11 headset has a high power of 50MM neodymium magnet drivers that delivers the sound even if you can hear the wind sounds of your games.

Like gaming headphones, this also has a noise-canceling mode that can be fair. It has an omnidirectional sensitive microphone that helps to keep unwanted sounds out so you can enjoy the gaming sounds. It increases the internal sounds to cope with the outer sounds of ear canals.

Generally, you wear it for a long time at stretch cause games never end at the beginning after your game is over you’ll try again and again. So the comfort of the headphone is also a matter.

The design of the Runmus gaming headset k11 is impressive for wearing it for a long time, the lightweight won’t give any trouble and you’ll feel like nothing is in your ears.

Over earpads are so soft & the headband is also flexible which makes you coziness. I can say it all in one because you can use it with multiple devices.

RGB LED light is in it for making the environment like a gaming field. It has stunning illumination lighting and vibration effects that enlighten the fashion of games. For RGB LED light use your USB cable in the power port.

The cable is so strong. An anti-winding braided cable with a controller makes your headphones easier to use. The cable is enough strength so that you can move your controller in any direction you want easily.

Inline volume control with a mic mute switch is a great combination for controlling the headset.

  • Dynamic sound driver
  • Noise-canceling microphone
  • RGB LED light
  • No Bluetooth
  • Extra USB for RGB


RUNMUS K1B-PRO - High Performance Professional Gaming Headset

Brand: RUNMUS | Model: K1B-Pro | Color: Blue | Size: 4.13 x 3.35 x 7.28 inches | Speaker: 50mm | Frequency Range: 20hz-20khz | LED Light: Yes (Blue) | Cable Length: 7.22ft | Jack: USB+3.5mm 4 Pin.

RUNMUS K1B-PRO Gaming Headset Review

Here are the last one of the gaming headsets from Runmus for extremely clear gaming sounds. As it delivers great sound quality it’ll be the headset for your games.

The highly audio drivers of 50mm offer immersive sounds for your gaming, music, and other things whatever you want to hear with it. The sounds won’t compromise with anything for delivering the real sounds when you’re on with others for communicating. You can play every game you want to play.

When you sit for playing, your mind can’t get out of the games and want to be stuck with the games for a long time. As you wear a headset for a long time, you must remember the comforts of your headset. This headphone is adjustable and soft and comfortable to wear for a long time.

The earpads are also lightweight that feel so soft and the material is also strong and lightweight. So don’t worry to wear it for a long time and start the games on your device.

This RUNMUS K1B-pro headset is also compatible with multiple devices. So every end game can’t skip you to use this headset. It uses a 3.5mm jack which is compatible with all devices. But for the old Xbox, it’ll need an extra Microsoft adapter for connecting.

The noise-canceling system is a must for a headset. If your headset can’t endure noises then your teammates will miss your commands and the game will be over. It has a noise-isolation mic that helps keep in touch with your players and has great communication.

Eye-catchy blue LED lights will create a real gaming atmosphere. When you’re in dark the lights are on you’ll get the real gaming experience. The USB port is there for light ON.

A strong cable is great for the long-lasting of a headset. RUNMUS provides strong knitted cables in it. So it doesn’t spoil soon. The controller is sitting on the cable. There are mic switches, volume buttons, and noise-canceling buttons. Control your headset in your way.

  • Adjustable headband
  • Knitted wire
  • Noise-Isolation system
  • Poor design

Runmus Gaming Headset – Buying Guide

You’re going to buy a gaming headset, then you need to know some specialty of a gaming headset that’ll be helpful for your gaming sessions, your ears, and other activities you want to do with your headset.

Design of Gaming Headset

The design of the gaming headset is nothing important but it helps to increase the desire to play professionally and win every game.

A great design also shows one’s palatability. It increases the fashions towards your friends. So a great design won’t cost much but great for gaming.

Gaming Headsets’ Compatibility

There are lots of games around the world. One goes and another comes and a true gamer always wants to test one after another. So make sure your headset is compatible with the gaming gadgets you want to play.

It’ll be best if your headset is compatible with PC, MAC, Xbox, PS4, Tablet, smartphones. Our given headsets are compatible with all of them.

Connection Type

The headset connector is one of the most important parts of connecting it with devices. If it doesn’t connect accurately then the headset is for nothing.

Your headphone must have USB supportive, 3.5mm cord, wireless USB, or Bluetooth system.

Comfort and Ergonomic

The headsets band and ear cups should be soft and lightweight that makes them comfortable for wearing.

The ergonomic system is useful to use your mic in different situations otherwise the mic and the ear cups can break easily.

Materials of Headband and Earmuffs

For durability, the material needs to be perfect. For earmuffs, leather is great because they can last long and also comfortable.

The headband materials must be metallic if made of plastic they can be broken with uncertain pressure.


For the gaming atmosphere, lighting is a must. It also boosts up your mind for winning. RGB or LED makes sure your headset has one of them.

Noise Isolation system

You’re playing online games so you need to talk with your competitor or with your teammates. This system helps to reduce outer noises and provide you actual voice.

Bottom Line

Games are like a drug to you if you’re a true player. You are never apart from it. As you are always looking for the best games then why don’t you get the best Runmus gaming headset for hearing the sounds of your loving games? Choose the right and best one and win the games, best wishes to you.

Never give up to win.

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  1. These RUNMUS K1B-PRO headphones are super quality for their price point. Are they Bose? No, but you will get a solid feeling pair of headphones that will give you an immersive experience. My favorite part is the microphone boom, it’s solid and can flip up when not in use. It’s not flexible, which I really like, and using Discord or LOL chat, works great and other players comment on the clarity of the mic, I can’t say anything for the noise-canceling at this point but does seem to limit ambient noise to a certain degree.

  2. Well, I guess Gamestop began their PS5 preorders. I missed them again! Whyyyy. I guess I don’t mind rocking my PS4 for a while longer. I don’t know anyone who was able to get their preorder. Do you?

  3. A die-hard attitude is important to win in competitive games. But I feel Runmus offers a good budget gaming headset but can be used only as a standby as compared to Logitech headsets. What do you think? Is Runmus offers the best headset for pro gamers?

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