The Pros and Cons of a Tablet | Advantages and Disadvantages of Tablet

Nowadays the tablet is becoming more popular like PC because of its benefits. Everything has its own pros and cons and none can deny it.

You’re going to use a tablet more than you’ve to know about its efficiency perfectly. After completing this post you’ll be aware of the usefulness of a tablet PC.

If you want to analyze a tablet then it’ll be great if you know about the pros of cons of tablets.

So, here we go…

Pros of Tablets

Best For Reading

Everything goes faster than we thought and now the books are also merging and it is called an ebook. You can read your books on a tablet and it won’t be a problem for the eyes as it comes in book size. Besides ebooks, you can also read PDFs, comics, articles, magazines, and many more by surfing the internet with a tablet.

Bit Compatible as PC

A tablet can complete many works of PC that mean you don’t need to be stuck with your PC. Though it can’t perform as a computer it’ll be helpful for completing your tasks so fast.


There is nothing that can make you feel comfortable except for portability. The tablet is a portable device that can be carried easily anywhere and other options like calendar, email window is also available on a tablet. When you are portable, your work will be easier and every place can be your workstation.

Easy Sharing

Tablets are the easiest way to share your files with others. You can share your photos, files, documents through some clicks and this system are usable for insurance adjusters, real estate agents, and salesmen. So presentations and sharing ideas with anyone will be on your hand.

Better Than Older PC

A new tablet is better than an older PC/laptop. You can use it to complete your works so simply, there is a Bluetooth keyboard available on the market that you can use for typing too. It’s great because of its updated games, apps that are missing in older laptops.

Best For Notes

During meetings and studies, a tablet is the best way to keep taking notes unobtrusively. There are many tablets that offer a stylus that is used to write notes like on paper.


Your leisure won’t be boring at all because the tablet is one kind of player that will allow you to enjoy movies, songs, and live streaming. For enjoying movies, you must choose a big-sized display.

Best For Travel

A tablet can be your best friend during travel. Most of the tabs are offering wifi & cellular connectivity, Google maps and durable battery than a smartphone are the needy part for traveling smartly.


You can draw on a tablet, in this case, some tablets come with a stylus and you can use the stylus as a pencil. So you can draw what’s on your mind. If you are a graphic designer then a tablet can be best for you to complete the design by your hand.

Cons of Tablets

Not Portable as Many Smartphones

A well-specific smartphone is also capable of doing the same jobs as a tablet but smartphones are more portable than tablets. You can carry your phone in your hand or in your pocket but a tablet won’t fit in your pocket and for safety issues, it needs a bag to carry.

Not For High-end Games

Don’t think that you can play high-end games with a tablet-like PC. Though you can complete lots of works on a tab it doesn’t mean you can play also. For playing highly regulated games, you’ll need more RAM, so you must require a discrete GPU-backed PC.

Not For Much Work

There are many apps that need to complete different kinds of tasks and some of them may not be able to perform on a tablet. While a PC is able to support them and perform smoothly there a tablet will be hung on them.

Waste of Money

While you already have a laptop you don’t need to buy a tablet because a tablet is also able to do more jobs easily. So after having a laptop if one goes for a tablet it’ll be one kind of a waste of money, you may save it for other purposes.

Low-quality Camera

Smartphones being smarter day by day and they provide highly HD cameras, in fact, nowadays they’re coming with up to 4 cameras on the back and up to dual cameras on the front but if you’re talking about a tablet they don’t have any best cameras up to date, only up to 8MP are available and some of them don’t have any & some of them have only 1 on the back.

With this low-quality camera, you’re video conferencing, snaps. video recording will be frustrating for you.

Bottom Line

The usefulness of a tablet mostly depends on the user through the specifications and features also matter in this case. When you’re a buyer and want to buy a tablet you’ve to choose the best one for you and also make sure that you’re able to cope with the uses of the tab. Everything has two sides, good and bad but we have to go through the real-life process and for that, we have to ensure the best for us.

A tablet will be useful to its users if he/she knows the right way.