Top 10 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers in 2020 – (Available All Sizes)

Looking for the loudest Bluetooth speaker on the market in 2020? Here in this article, you are going to find the top 10 loudest Bluetooth speaker till 2020. If you don’t have any knowledge to judge the features, don’t worry. Here I provide you some guidance by which you will find your desired best sounding Bluetooth speaker

Here I rank these speakers according to their volume at dB unit. Loudness also depends on power. So here are some tips for you to choose from.

The Difference Between Power and Volume

In the speaker, Decibels are the unit of volume, which means how much frequency transfers in a unit of time. Your speaker is as louder as much the volume.

Over 90 dB will start to damage your hearing capacity and more than 120 dB will cause serious hearing damage. So speakers over 110 dB are not suitable for regular party people. For concert or massive gathering over 110 dB speakers are perfect.

Now comes to power. It is the capacity of transportation of energy per unit time.

Other Features to Notice on the Loudest Speaker:

⦁ The massive size provides massive air vibes. So air vibes depend on its size.
⦁ Woofers and tweeters

Let’s have a short look on top 10 loudest Bluetooth speaker:

ProductSound RangeBattery LifeWeight
SOUNDBOKS 2100 dB9 hour35.83 Pounds
Ultimate Ears Boom 390 dB15 hours1.8 Pounds
Aiwa Exos-9100 dB9 hours13 Pounds
JBL Xtreme 280 dB15 hours4.65 Pounds
Bose S1 Pro 101 dB11 hours15.5 Pounds
JBL Boombox 101 dB24 hours2.4 Pounds
Anker Soundcore101 dB18 hours7.72 Pounds
Aomais Go97 dB40 hours4.7 Pounds
Bose Sound-link Mini 285 dB10 hours1.5 Pounds
JBL Party Box-100080 dB18 hours76.5 Pounds

1. SOUNDBOKS 2 – The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

What about 122dB?

SOUNDBOKS 2 - The Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

  • Drivers: 10” woofers, 1” tweeter
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Bass radiations: Dual 10” woofers
  • Additional features: weather and splash resistance

SOUNDBOKS is for ultimate party people. Need high volume ultimate sound with a long-lasting battery? Give Soundboks a try. Home to a mountain, its clear and loud sound will give the feeling of heaven where every note of your beloved music going to play high.

Today over 25,000 Soundboks bringing the ultimate party to snowy mountains, deserts, city streets, islands everywhere. It has an aluminum frame and cabinet, not so heavy, so you may carry it anywhere. Super durable with a long-life battery. So where your next going to be?


  • Super portable and durable: With Bruce cabinet, aluminum frame and ball corners build to handle any torture. Totally waterproof and dirt resistance.
  • Bluetooth connection: play any wireless device Bluetooth or with provided AUX cable.
  • Ultimate sound: Has three 72 watts and Class D which amplifiers push 122 dB. Which goes through two 1” silk dome tweeter and 10” drivers. At any volume of sound conjoined dynamic EQ would give every detail.
  • Battery: Lasts up-to average of 40 hours. Rechargeable and needs just 3.5 hours to get fully charged have an available battery pack.
  • Class D amplifiers (3×72w RMS): which made of lithium-ion phosphate You would find a smart battery management system (BNS)
  • 5 step LED battery life indication. Also enclosed with heavy-duty DC battery connection.
  • Long-life battery
  • Make for both outdoor and indoor
  • Dirtproof and splash resistance and built
  • High-quality sound
  • Plays in mono through a tweeter and two woofers
  • It can be used plugged into the wall or your chosen device, phone, tab, etc.
  • Usable as an amplifier for keyboard
  • Other USB can’t be used to play music on this device
  • Doesn’t have any FM tuner
  • Can’t hook multiple soundboxes via Bluetooth

2. Ultimate Ears Boom 3 – Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speaker

How about 90 dB?

Ultimate Ears Boom 3 - Loudest Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Bored at home? Want to taste adventure then Boom 3 is exactly for you. What’s in Boom 3? Well, it rocks with deep bass immersive 360° sound. So that you can enjoy each and every note. We understand your thirst for music wherever you want a party, besides a swimming pool or on sand or on a mountain, this best sounding Bluetooth speaker would accompany you.

It’s totally waterproof, drop-proof, and dust resistant which means party anywhere, anytime. This best mini Bluetooth speaker comes with amazing features that will multiply your enjoyment. It’s wrapped with a high-performance stunning shimmer fabric. Has maximum sound level:090dB. Frequency range:90.


  • Powerful battery: It comes with a rechargeable battery to stay charged for 15 hours. You may add Power Up to have long term adventures.
  • 300 degree sound: It delivers immersive ultimate 360° sounds with accurate and deep bass and all so perfectly balanced that you won’t miss any note of your favorite song.
  • Durability: One more best thing about Boom 3 loudest speaker is that you would use it on sand, dust, rock anywhere, even water can’t damage it. This best cheap Bluetooth speaker comes with totally water and dirt proof condition. It also floats on water, can be submerged in up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. A high-performance wrapper makes it drop-proof. So guys enjoy without worries.
  • Magic button: All controls-play, pause, streaming music directly on the Bluetooth speaker with just one touch of the button.
  • All kinds of Ears app, MEGABOOM, BOOM, etc. do work with the Boom 3.
  • Covered in two-toned shimmering fabric which is tough and beautiful at the same time.
  • Max sound level -90dB

3. Aiwa Exos-9 – Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

What about 100 dB?

Aiwa Exos-9 - Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Drivers: 5 acoustic drivers
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Bass radiations: 6.5-inch dual subwoofers
  • Additional features: Bluetooth aplX, A2DP

The Aiwa Exos-9 is designed to beat the market all alone in its category. It engineered with 5 drives and 200 Watts of continuous power. You would take this loudest Bluetooth speaker under $300 with your bonfires, nature camping, just entertain away.

With a lithium-ion battery, which is removable and with 57.2-watt-hour capacity, your party would go all day. Via Bluetooth, sharing would be gone to the next level. Otherwise, among poor music taste friends, you may keep it paired to only and only your device by applying the Bluetooth lock.

Customized EQ will give you perfect for every genre of books alone with pockets of audiobooks. Through 4 available pretty sets (that bass, mid or high) next level music taste you find. Crack mid or high or the bass. Feel the extra taste in music. So grab a guy and step on the dance floor.

Features and details:

  • Your party ends before the Exos-9 does!! Keeping it plugged in at home or beach or wherever you want, enjoy up to 9 hours of incredible continuous sound with a lithium-ion battery pack which is a quick swap. This best budget Bluetooth speaker expands your party freedom home to wild jungle.
  • Quick connection: Connect to your desired device, iPhone, iPad, tablet, or any kind of Android device or PC, Mac, Windows device with A2DP support, has 3.5 my audio Jack for direct connection. Also, Android NFC is supported in this best Bluetooth speaker sound.
  • Total control music: With band graphic equalizer crank your bass, high or mid. 4 available pretty set option allows you to customize fine-tunes to your taste.
  • 6.5” dual voice coil subwoofer
  • Easy connection
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Onward 5band EQ
  • Don’t have the bass as promised
  • Unique, loud, and different from other speakers

4. JBL Xtreme 2 – Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

How loud 80 dB? JBL Xtreme 2 - Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker
Storm up your party with JBL Xtreme 2, the portable Bluetooth speaker will unleash dynamic and immersive sound everywhere, with two JBL bass radiations, one rechargeable 10,00 Amp li-ion battery, and four drives. Above all the speaker comes up with a convenient USB charge out.

The loudest Bluetooth speaker has engineered a waterproof design, 1PX7 rated and covered with rugged fabric in four exclusive colors complementing the JBL Extreme 2. Share music wirelessly connecting with over 100 JBL connect+ and bring life to your party.

You would get tired but JBL Extreme 2 won’t, up to 15 hours music will on. The speaker is complemented with some other features like integrated hooks, a bottle opener, and a dual metal base. From a DJ party to your home, a concert to the campfire, remember it is a perfect audio solution.

Features and details:

  • Bluetooth streaming: Alone with JBL connect+ allows you to connect more than 100 connect + to take your musical journey to the epic level. Wirelessly connect up to two devices like smartphones or tablets. Share and enjoy.
  • Fit anywhere: Poolside, tailgating, living room the JBL Xtreem 2 anywhere.
  • Durability: As you receive this loudest Bluetooth speaker portable with rugged fabric it totally drops proof. Also water-resistant and dustproof. Splash water or split your drink JBL Xtreem won’t be dead even if you clean it with running water. Just don’t submerge it.
  • Battery support: Up-to 15 hours rock and role with 10,000m Amp battery.
  • Power bank: Single USB charge out:1×2A, Dual USB charge out:2×1A.
  • Tweeter: 35×2 mm
  • Woofer: 36×2 mm
  • Have echo and noise-free clear calls with the touch of a button thanks to speakerphone.
  • Waterproof
  • Provided with power bank
  • Has transducer
  • Wireless connection
  • Durable
  • Cleanable by water
  • Can take calls
  • Takes a long time to fully charge
  • Expensive comparing to the market

5. Bose S1 Pro – Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for House Party

What about 101 dB?

Bose S1 Pro - Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for House Party

  • Drivers: Three 2” acoustic drivers
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Bass radiations: Dual bass radiations
  • Additional features: 2 combo XLR, TRS line inputs

When you need massive and crystal clear music in the house party, try Bose S1 Pro. This best Bluetooth speaker with bass delivers 160 watts audio power enough to party up a storm. You get introduced sound quality without interruption at 50% volume around 11 hours. You can enjoy all details of your music, can feel the bass under your skin.

Change sound in any direction you want. Want to stream music from your smartphone or any device? It also allows to stream music from any device. Connect your guitar and lead the party. Automatic sound optimizer EQ settings will adjust the output sound automatically.

The Bose S1 is rugged enclosed and lightweight Help with its handle, it is easy to move anywhere. Besides, Bose Connect App allows you to customize the party mode.


  • Party mode: With this best Bluetooth speaker home, you may adjust sound, customize mode, it gives an extreme party feel. With automatic EQ settings, control sound output automatically.
  • Power: With a rechargeable battery of 11 hours playtime, Bose S1 Pro is the loudest Bose Bluetooth speaker presently.
  • Connection: Pair your device via Bluetooth. It also allowed connecting more instruments like keyboard or guitar to set life to the party.
  • Impressive Sound: Crystal clear and loud sound with auto output sound optimization. With good bass, you will feel each and every edge of your song.
  • Easily moveable: It’s lightweight, about 7.1 knows (15.7 lbs). Provided with handle, so that moving made simple for it.
  • Loud and crystal clear sound of 160 watts
  • Good bass
  • 11 hours battery
  • Instruments like keyboard or guitar can be connected
  • Sound output control
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof resistance less
  • Not as good as Always Existence 9 and JBL Party Box-1000

6. JBL Boombox – Best Bluetooth Speaker on a Budget

What about 101dB? JBL Boombox - Best Bluetooth Speaker on a Budget

  • Drivers: 4 active drivers
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Bass radiations: 2 JBL Bass radiations
  • Additional features: two JBL Connect +

Required monster sound, but on the small size and of course in the little budge? then JBL Boombox is for you. After JBL Play Box-1000, this speaker is the loudest from JBL. If JBL is your target, JBL Boombox is highly recommended for you.

Along with great features and clarity of sound, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker has beaten the market. The well balanced, nice, and punchy sound will amuse you. The loudest Bluetooth speaker on a budget is made to move anywhere.

The greatest highlights are to build quality and wireless connection. This best budget loudest speaker is only under 400 dollars. So easily fits in your budget. JBL Boombox is highly praised by users, again has some complaints too. But when you need loud Bluetooth, waterproof speakers choose JBL Boombox.


  • Battery: Manufactured with a mega 20,000mAh battery. At 50% volume keeps you pleased about 22 hours and at Max volume services up to 10 hours.
  • Comes with 2 USB power bank ports. By which you may charge two phones at a time while you are playing.
  • Has built-in mic. Although the speakerphone feature is not focused on party speaker again you will find it helpful.
  • Pair more JBL Boombox speakers wirelessly. Even more than 100 JBL Connect+ can be connected with the speaker. By AUX, it can connect a non-Bluetooth device.
  • 60 watt powerful sound
  • 24 hours of battery life
  • With JBL Connect+connection available
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Takes a long period to get fully charged
  • Expensive comparing to the market
  • Doesn’t deliver 300° sound
  • Can’t adjust EQ settings through App

7. Anker Soundcore – Portable Loudest Party Speaker

What about 101dB?

Anker Soundcore - Portable Loudest Party Speaker
Have all-day party plan?? Plugged in with Rave Mini, set your play list and forget. With monster 101dB sound Rave mini going to turn your house to party with body shaking bass to 18 hours. Sing from heart and dance till feet hurt.

Forget about spilled drink disasters or splash. Cause it’s super water proof. Highly recommended for your pool party. Even if it ended up at the bottom of your pool, don’t worry, enjoy virtually an entire day of excitement.

Your phone dead in party? Stop running for charger, charge it while you play simply plugging into the built in USB port. Up-to two stereo wireless pairing is available. Double the volume or enjoy the stereo sound. Enlighten your party with 6 lighting modes or customize color or mix things up Light DJ whatever you want according to your taste just use the app to add amazing sound effects.

Features and details:

  • Enjoy huge 101 dB sound through a 25 inch woofer, a 2 inch tweeter and a 5.25 inch passive radiator. Have Bass Up technology to adjusts and custom low frequency.
  • Have unique level LEDs pulse phase which flow in tine to beat in order to create a dazzling display. To control the lights and switch up style add light DJ on sound core app.
  • With spicier app control lights, indoor and outdoor modes and play iconic party with your friends and family.
  • Highly waterproof with 1PX7 water tight casing, which seals to keep the speaker non stop music playing even after submersion.
  • 18 hours full play from yard to tailgate or on beach party.
  • Even when your phone is on low battery, plugged it into the integrated USB port and charge while Playing.
  • 18 hours play time
  • Light and mode controls
  • Monster sound
  • USB port charger
  • Even stay alive after a full submersion
  • Beat driven lights
  • Doesn’t have voice coil
  • Can’t sync with Anker Flare device
  • Doesn’t support neither an external micro phone nor taking calls

8. Aomais Go – Outdoor Portable Speaker Under $100

How loud 97 dB?

Aomais Go - Outdoor Portable Speaker Under $100

  • Drivers: Dual 15 watts divers
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Bass radiations: Dual bass radiators
  • Additional features: Supports three wireless stereo

The Aomais Go is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers with 30-watt power and 97 dB sound in the market. It already had gained the customer’s faith. It’s not massive in size like JBL Party Box-1000. Again cheaper than the JBL Party Box-1000. But gives the monster sound with loud bass that you can feel it under your skin.

The big bass, clear sound along with 8800 mAh Margaret battery capacity rock your party up to 40 hours. It delivers loud sound with less than 1% distortion. Lightweight design, wireless connection, 2 passive bass radiators, and full range delivers, what do you want more? It provides you harsh less sound even at top volume.

Blend rock, hip hop, or whatever you want, plenty of basses available. Its waterproof casing keeps your speaker waterproof and dust resistant. Even submerge it fully 1 meter down water for 30 minutes, it’s ready to serve. So chill and enjoy.

Features and details:

  • For non-wireless device music sources have 3.5 my audio jack.
  • IPX7 waterproof casing makes it water and dirt proof. Also makes it shockproof. So take it to snow, water, mountain, or crazy friends hang out safely.
  • 30 watts massive power with 88800 mah battery. Which gives you 30 hours playtime.
  • NFC pairing system allows you to pair to android devices.
  • For emergency power has a micro USB charging cable, AUX cable.
  • With built-in microphone control, your calls, either receive them loud or reject. Auto echo canceler gives you clear and quality call service. This microphone is also able to do voice assistants like Google Assistance. Pair with Alexa.
  • 4 button control panel. Control – pause/ play, skip, adjust volume or Bluetooth device all with 4 different buttons.
  • 30 watts battery life
  • 1/8” AUX
  • Shock proof
  • True wireless stereo (TWS) support
  • 30 hours battery life
  • IPX waterproof
  • 3.5 my audio Jack
  • Plenty bass
  • Lack some bass
  • Takes long period to get fully charged

9. Bose Sound-link Mini 2 – Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for the Money

How loud 85dB?

Bose Sound-link Mini 2 - Loudest Bluetooth Speaker for the Money

  • Drivers: Dual stereo
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Bass radiations: Dual bass woofers
  • Additional features: Comes with charging cable

Don’t judge this under $200 Bluetooth speaker by its size. Even with this mini size, it’s able to amuse you with full dynamic deeper sounds. You can take it on your plan. So wherever you go- university, work, party, or friends hangout- you got your music companion, the Soundlink Mini 2. It’s ultra-compact and wireless, so the place would not matter.

Take your calls out loud with crystal clear sound by the built-in speakerphone. Stay tuned for 10 hours. Charge it whenever you want from most USB power sources. Bluetooth pairing becomes easy with voice prompts. A house party along with included cradle keeps the speaker charging while you play. At the time to connect two wireless devices to share DJ duties with your friends. Available in exclusive colors Carbon or Pearl, or customize with colored accessory covers. So grab your one.

Features and details:

  • The Bose Soundlink 2 is engineered to take anywhere. Ultra-compact and wireless, up to 30’ Bluetooth range
  • Voice compacts: Talk through Bluetooth pairing, it’s super simple.
  • Deep bass and bid sound will turn your boring life into amazing. Enjoy clear sound with accurate and deepness all carefully balanced so that each and every note of your favorite song won’t miss.
  • Sing from lunch and dance to the rhythm up to 10 hours of continuous play.
  • Diverse song to a way deep base you can’t but become pleased
  • Can take out loud calls
  • Easy to fit anywhere due to size
  • Voice compact
  • Certain mobile devices may not support these functions

10. JBL Party Box-1000 – Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

How loud 80 dB?

JBL Party Box-1000 - Loudest Wireless Bluetooth Party Speaker

  • Drivers: 3-way acoustic drivers
  • Bluetooth: 4.2
  • Bass radiations: Powered subwoofers
  • Additional features: Bass boost, TWS support

Fell the thunder with unbelievable 1000 watts output power JBL Party Box-1000, the loudest Bluetooth speaker exclusively from JBL. It beats the market with a very loud body shaking sound. It’s the top of the market in its own category. So at the time of planning a DJ party or concert, take JBL Party Box-1000.

Have an epic level experience with a full panel lighting effect. Enjoy a ton of volume with crystal clear sound and deep bass performance with this monstrous speaker. Of course, it has a Bluetooth connection. Apart from it supports DJ launchpad through which play drums, keyboard, and piano.

Be ready for a massive party. Jazz, Rick, or heavy metals sounded very powerful through it. Together with wireless or RCA achieve TWS sound. It’s a heavy vibrant effect and lightning shows give you the intimate party vibe. Your feet will ache but this monster won’t stop until 18 hours. So sing loud from lunch and feel the vibe.

Features and details:

  • Integrated DJ pad, plugged in your instruments – keyboard or piano and rock.
  • A full LED show adds you to a party vibe.
  • Control your calls through a microphone.
  • Control the light show.
  • Link another Party Box-1000 to create full stereo sound.
  • Easy transformation with an integrated wheel, move it according to your necessary.
  • 1 ×12 inch woofers with 2×7 inch mid-woofers.
  • Mega sound, 1000 watts audio
  • 24 hours of battery life
  • True wireless sound (TWS) support
  • LED light show
  • Much expensive
  • Too bulky
  • Heavyweight


  • If you need a loud speaker with long life battery then go for the SOUNDBOKS 2 or JBL Boombox. They have respectively 40 hours and 30 hours battery life.
  • Need for the super loudest speaker? Check JBL Party Box- 1000 which delivers up-to 1000 watts. It’s hard stiles you really will feel on your skin.
  • Need for a lower budget loudest wireless speaker? Grab Aiwa Exos-9. Within 300 dollars, feel the loudest music of 100 dB clear sound.


Party or a big gathering, Bluetooth speakers are highly in demand. Without loudspeakers, the party becomes lifeless. So big or small, monster sound or pleasant sounds, within budget or generous budget, here are all kinds of loudest Bluetooth speakers. Focusing on volume and power, considering woofers and tweeters grab your desired one and rock. Happy shopping.

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