What Are The Features of a Good Laptop?

Technology is changing quickly and laptop brands are also upgrading their laptops every three years on average.

What are the features that should have a good laptop? In the laptop market, there are a lot of good options out there to choose a reliable laptop. But what do you need in a laptop and how to choose a laptop to maximize your needs?

What to look for when buying a new laptop? And, how to know which features are best for a standard PC as well as a gaming PC?

Well, there is no easy way to explain those questions because the answer is on how you’re going to use your laptop.

Do you want to use your laptop for surfing the web and hook up with friends on social media? Or, want to use it for sensational gaming?

Even, if you want to use it for designing or software development, you need something powerful and fast laptop with an upgraded quad-core processor, reliable graphics with some advanced features.

Here are some essential features a good laptop should have to keep in mind when choosing the best usable laptop to fulfill your needs.

At first, we want to make sure all the features at a glance by listing them down below.


The processor works as the brain of a laptop. Mainly, it indicates how faster a laptop or computer can run. If you command something to your laptop, the processor process the command to show the result in front of you.

As the laptops’ performance depends on the processor, it must be the most important feature of a good laptop.

If the processor of a laptop is powerful, it’ll run faster by processing your commands of multiple programs at the same time.

Processor of a Laptop Computer

In the laptop market, Intel processors are the best over the other processors.

Intel provides a range of processors such as Core i3, i5, i7, etc. Whereas, the i7 is the latest and most powerful processor for this time. This latest Core i7 is incredible to work with for professional purposes as well as for gaming.

So, if you really care about the fastest working process, you should consider a laptop with a Core i7 processor.


Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive, which stores all of your PC’s files and software programs.

In these terms, HDD is often weak and slow compared with SSD. If you choose a laptop that comes with HDD, it’ll simply be going to significantly slow down data storage and retrieval.

On the other hand, SSD offers numerous advantages over the traditional HDD that optimize your laptops’ speed, power consumption, maximum capacity, lifetime cost, and so on.

Hard Disk Drive/Solid State Drive (HDD/SSD)

The primary benefit of an SSD is its speed. It helps to translate faster boot times, greater bandwidth for computing, and quicker file transfers. Also, SSDs are ideal for less power consumption than HDDs.

So, if you’re willing to get a faster speed solution in your laptop, you should consider a laptop that comes with a dedicated Solid State Drive(SSD).

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is known as the memory of your laptop computer. The higher the RAM, you’ll get the high efficient and faster computer to use. It’s important to get a high capacity RAM to be able to do multitask at the same time.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

Now, a normal laptop comes along with a minimum of 4GB RAM. And obviously, this capacity is perfect for normal uses like emailing, web browsing, and so on. But, if you want a laptop for gaming or complex purposes, you need a computer with more capacity for RAM.

So, you have to make sure when buying a laptop computer which capacity of RAM is perfect for your working purpose, so you can get the better performance to handle your daily activities without any interruptions.

Operating System

An operating system is software that makes your laptop run. It manages computer hardware, computer programs, and other internal components.

Operating Systems of Laptop Computer

In this age of time, there have laptops with the two most operating systems in the market. Mac OS for those, who are planning to use Apple products and Windows OS for normal PC users.

If you’re planning to use Apple products, definitely you have to use Mac OS as an operating system. Or, Windows is the best over other operating systems to use with the rest of laptop computers.

Display Type

When it comes to displaying, again it depends on how you’re going to use the display of your laptop.

If you love graphic design and editing videos or photos, you have to select a laptop with a high-resolution display. Obviously, if you want a great experience viewing pictures, you have to choose the one with a retina display.

One of the cons of a high-resolution display is it will harm your laptops’ battery by consuming a lot of extra power.

If you want to use your laptop for work or for surfing the web, a small laptop with a standard resolution display is preferable for you.

Graphics Card

The graphics card is a hardware of a PC laptop that renders images to your monitor.

The better your graphics card, you can get a better and smoother image on your laptop monitor.

Graphics Card of PC Laptop

Generally, two types of graphics cards are available in the market, those are integrated and dedicated.

First, the built-in integrated card which you can use every day for normal tasks. You can surf the internet, work your normal office tasks, etc. But it’s not suitable for complex works as it will work slowly then.

Secondly, the dedicated graphics card comes with advanced technology that can do complex works without any trouble. Mostly, it’s used in gaming laptops. So, it serves a better performance in the gaming session.

So, if you want better performance, you should choose the laptop with a dedicated graphics card so that you can go through any hard task without any interruption.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless network connectivity is important if you want to connect online through your laptop.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are top-level wireless networks but there have also a few connectivities like cellular modems or Ethernet ports. You don’t need to worry that, every modern laptop comes with maximum wireless connectivity.

USB Type-C Port

A USB port is an important hardware connectivity feature of a laptop. But all USB ports are not work in the same way.

USB Type-C Port

If your laptop comes with a USB Type-C port, you can transfer files at the fastest speed to other devices.

Thanks to USB’s latest Type-C port as you can use this port for many uses like charging your laptop battery, copy or transfer files with high-speed, etc. To note that, USB Type-C is a reversible USB connector that is reliable.

Battery Life

The most and important feature of a laptop is its battery life. It is important to select a laptop with long battery life for best if use. Normally, a good laptop that comes with long battery life, that can provide 8 hours on average battery life.

So, you should consider a laptop that can provide at least 8 hours of battery life.

Bottom Line

Which laptop should you buy? Here is your answer.

Keep these features in your mind when you buy a laptop for yourself. Consider how you will use your laptop. if you want to choose the best laptop for your daily tasks, editing photos or videos, and for gaming, just remember these keys.

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