Best Smartwatch For Nurses in 2021 – Best Wearables For Nurses

Looking for the best smartwatch for nurses? Don’t worry. Here, we did comprehensive research and reviewed the top 10 best smartwatches for healthcare professionals with the proper buying guide.

Everything is changing day by day and people’s expectations also. In the ancient era, peoples used to know the time by using the Sun direction and after that, they invented pocket watches and upgraded them by using the belt to put them on the wrist.

I’m not going to tell you about the history of watches but want to make you feel the importance of being upgraded with the time flow.

Now it’s the time of smartwatches but you can’t ignore the analog watches too as they’re classy to wear in any functions/parties, but they are used to show only the times and dates, it is quite good for normal uses.

The whole article is about smartwatches and they relate to the purposes of any nurse. I can’t describe the importance of a nurse in our life, they’re bound with a patient 24/7 to get improve and recover as early as possible and for this job, most of the time they can’t use a space for their own.

A smartwatch can’t full fill all the needs and also can’t make times for a nurse to take rest but it can be a useful part of your wrist to take calls when your phone on your bag, can read messages, can measure your pulse/heart, can count hours you slept and your foot/hiking steps and more.

As I said a smartwatch is a useful thing that can reduce work pressures of a nurse by its useful features, so I’m here with the 10 best smartwatches for the nurses with the best brands, and all of them are qualified as anyone wants.

Take a deep look, choose the right one with your needy features, wear it on your wrist, and at last take advantage of as much as you need.

Best Smartwatch For Nurses – Comparison Table

Apple Watch Series 5 – Best Apple Watch for Nurses
  • Display Area: 977 sq mm
  • Waterproof: 50 meters
  • Battery Life: Up to 18 hours
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Fitbit Versa 2 – Best Fitbit For Nurses
  • Screen Size: 1.34 Inches
  • Battery life: Up to 6 days
  • Weight: 0.16 ounces
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Samsung Galaxy Watch – Best Wrist Watch For Nurses
  • Voice Command: Touchscreen
  • Weight: 2.32 ounces
  • Battery Life: Up to 9 hours music play
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Garmin Vivoactive 3 – Best Smartwatch For Medical Professionals
  • Screen Size: 1.2 inches
  • Voice Command: Touchscreen
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS
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TicWatch E2 – Best Waterproof Watches For Nurses
  • Operating System: Wear OS by Google
  • Water Resistance Depth: 50 meters
  • Battery life: Up to 2 days
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Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – Best Cheap Smartwatch For Nurses
  • Voice Command: Touchscreen
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 days
  • Weight: 30 Grams
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LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR – Best Smartwatch for Nursing School
  • Screen size: 0.96 inch
  • Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0 or later
  • Battery life: 5-10 days
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YAMAY Smart Watch – Best Fitness Watch for Nurses
  • Screen size: 1.3″
  • Charging Method: Charging Clip
  • Battery Life: 10 Days
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Amazfit GTS – Best Fitness Smartwatch For Nurses
  • Screen size: 1.65 Inches
  • Operating System: Amazfit OS
  • Voice Command: Touchscreen
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Apple Watch Series 6 – Best Smartwatch For Health
  • Operating System: WatchOS
  • Voice Command: Touchscreen, Dial
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS
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1.Apple Watch Series 5 – Best Apple Watch for Nurses

Apple Watch Series 5 Smartwatch - Best Apple Watch for Nurses

Display Area: 759 sq mm or 977 sq mm | Width: 38mm | Case Size: 40mm | Case Thickness: 10.7mm | Case Weight: 36.7g | Heart Sensor: Electrical & Second-generation optical heart sensor | Waterproof: 50 meters | Battery life: Up to 18 hours

Apple Watch Series 5 Review

After seeing the names of the Apple smartwatch, I wish you already know about the reputation and quality of the Apple brand. It’s a leading brand for technology and you can be ensured about the quality and performances.

Here, I want to inform you about the Apple Smartwatch series 5 and if you are a nurse then it’ll be the best one for you. If you already have an idea about Apple Series 3 & Series 4, then you’ll be happy to know that it comes with a 30% display and the speaker is also high up to 50%, so you can use it without any worries.

The special feature for a nurse is that, as your workload is high and sometimes you may get tensed about the health issue of your patients then you also can know about your health and it’s important to know about yourself too.

If you’re healthy then you can take care of others easily. You can check your heart rate by its ECG app, so you can keep calm and be healthy.

Sometimes hospitals can be louder or your place where you are and it can be the cause of your hearing system being damaged, the Noise App will alert you to step out from that place.

Exercise is the most important part of our body to do every day. This watch will keep your records and will motivate you to do more exercise. You can use it for competing with your friend and competition for good work is always best.

This smartwatch for nurses comes with GPS, so you’ll never be lost to reach your destination, and also there is a compass for you to know about the direction. Never feel worried about water, it’s a waterproof watch down to 50 meters.

Your every call will be on your eyes even if your phone is in your bag, take calls, reply messages and enjoy songs with this smartwatch.

Additional Features

  • Supported with GPS + Cellular
  • Always-On Retina display that never sleeps
  • 30% larger screen than Series 3
  • Swimproof/Waterproof
  • ECG app for Electrical Heart Sensor
  • Electrical and optical heart sensors
  • Built-in compass for a great sense of direction
  • Cycle tracking App
  • International emergency calling
Reason For Like It: Though it’s a pricey one while you can get all in one then you’ll be in love with it.
  • Best aluminum build quality
  • GPS and Cellular (LTE) connectivity
  • Built-In Compass
  • Costly
  • Only 18 hours of battery life

2.Fitbit Versa 2 – Best Fitbit For Nurses

Fitbit Versa 2 - Best Fitbit for Nurses

Screen display: 1.34 Inches | Connections: GPS | Supported Application: Weather, Sleep Monitor, Reminders, Voice Assistant, Alexa, Phone, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor | Compatible Phone: Apple iPhone 6 Plus | Syncing range: Up to 6.1 meters | Operating System: Android | Battery life: Up to 6 days | Weight: 0.16 ounces

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch Review

Here the second one is Fitbit which is an American brand established in 2007 in the USA and from that time, this brand always produces quality products for consumers over the world.

The Fitbit Versa 2 is one of the coolest smartwatches for nurses with necessary programs that are must use for any nurse.

Your busy life of nursing can be easier with this smartwatch-like you can control your smartwatch and other smart devices with it by commanding with this watch.

This watch is built with a voice recognition system, so you can use Alexa or other systems over it which means your daily routine will be easier when you get everything in your hand.

The life of a nurse is busy and you need to sleep enough to keep your body healthy and refreshing mind, this watch will be on your side for recording your time asleep and restlessness, you can know your sleep score by tracking your time in light, deep and REM sleep stages.

There are cool features that are also waiting for you like steps, measuring steps, burned calories and the syncing range under the water is 6.1 meters and all of these must be your needy features which can be useful after having it.

The look of the watch is cool and stylish and it’ll suit your hands too. The display is big enough to do your jobs through the watch and it’s super friendly to connect with any kind of operating system.

When everyone is thinking about the durability of battery life then this Fitbit Versa 2 is ready to solve this issue by providing up to 6 days of battery life on a single charge. So you don’t need to worry about charging it every day.

Reason For Like It: It offers me to continue 6 days of longer uses with a single charge and that’s the best part of it with other features.

  • Aesthetic design
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa
  • All-time heart rate tracking
  • Durable battery
  • No GPS
  • Lack Of Always-On Customization
  • Limited Apps

3.Samsung Galaxy Watch – Best Wrist Watch For Nurses

Samsung Galaxy Watch - Best Wrist Watch For Nurses


Supported Application: Email | Size: 42 mm | Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, NFC, WiFi | Voice Command: Touchscreen | Screen display: 1.2 Inches SAMOLED touch | Compatibility: Android 5.0, iOS 9.0 or above | Weight: 2.32 ounces | Battery Life: Up to 9 hours music play

Samsung Galaxy Watch Review

When your desire is to use a traditional watch but also want to be smart with a smartwatch then this watch is for you. This is an excellent watch for nurses from Samsung which is one of the best brands for gadgets, smartphones, and other electrical products around the world.

I personally love Samsung for its durability on every product they make. This Samsung Galaxy Watch RG looks like an analog one but it contains all of your needs you want in a smartwatch. If you want to keep everything on your wrist then this watch will let you live a strong, smarter life which you expect from a smartwatch.

Everything will be at your hand by Bluetooth connection on this nurse’s waterproof smartwatch. Every single record will appear to you through this nursing military watch as it can track your daily activities, your health conditions like pulse rate, heart rate it can track easily.

It’s a nice one to motivate you on your workouts by providing credits on 39+ workouts. So you can be aware of what’s going on with you.

It’s a GPS-compatible watch that can track your jogging and memorize the route and it’s helpful for you to know about your running track. Everything you want can be possible texting, calling, hearing songs, and more.

The Galaxy Watch is a fashionable watch that will let you customize the face of it and the band is also able to change as you wish.

There are many colored bands waiting for you to use and show to others of your choices. No need to worry about waterproofing when you’re swimming as it’s a 5ATM water-resistant watch.

The compatibility of this wristwatch for nurses is awesome to suit your connectivity with any device by Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and WiFi. The operating system of Android and iOS are the key to run it on your smartphone.

One specialty of this watch is if you use the Samsung wallet, you can easily access the app with this Galaxy Watch. Another specialty is you can charge the watch through the charging dock that means it lives by a wireless charging system.

Reason For Like It: The durability can’t be defined with Gorilla Glass DX+ and the changeable face look with changeable band options are cool for a nurse or other users.

  • Vibrant OLED display
  • Long battery life
  • Two sizes for large & small wrists
  • Best sleep & fitness tracker
  • Samsung pay support
  • Little internal storage
  • Few apps for Tizen
  • Expensive

4.Garmin Vivoactive 3 – Best Smartwatch For Medical Professionals

Garmin Vivoactive 3 - Best Smartwatch For Medical Professionals

Size: 1.2 inches | Voice Command: Touchscreen | Water rating: SWIM, 5 ATM | Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS | Battery life: Up to 7 days; 13 hours GPS | Weight: 1.41 ounces

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Review

Another best brand for smartwatches comes from America named Garmin and it was founded in 1989 from that year it continues with quality products.

This Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a standard watch that will suit a nurse comfortably and can do anything a nurse needs to do buying a smartwatch.

I can say it’s a complete watch to reduce loads of work and you can do it through your wrist easily.

It’s very important to look different in different situations/places and that can be possible by personalizing watch faces and you can do it with thousands of free watch faces by this watch. So you can use it in your hospital/home/parties or more places you need to go.

Every smartwatch comes with a sports management system; it’s a part of our healthy life. This watch made this system easier by providing 15 preloaded GPS and indoor sports apps.

The GPS system lets this Vivoactive 3 track easily on your hand without any connection with your phone and that’s cool for jogging, hiking, and riding, and think about network connectivity in rural areas.

Your workload and stresses can be on your face with its Elevate wrist-based heart rate technology. This tracking system is helpful for improving the fitness day by day with proper physical exercises.

The stress level will be measured by your heart rate tracking (HRV). The knowledge about these tracks is to know what’s going on to you and that can be useful when you take the necessary steps to improve yourself.

As usual, you can also be connected with your phone and can take your calls, messages and can control the phone too in the time of nursing. The other things like social media updates, notifications, enjoying music, emails can be known with this smartwatch.

You don’t need to carry your wallet with you, you can pay through Garmin Pay (some banks and cards only support it).

Your swimming and showering won’t be a cause of the damage to this watch as it’s waterproof. The Chroma display of this smartwatch for nurse is so amazing in the shape of a 1.2″ display, It’s so clear to read the watch in full sunlight too.

Reason For Like It: A cool display with 1K+ of the changeable face and 7 days of battery life can be the right choice at this cheap price by Garmin.

  • Built with 15 sport apps
  • Wrist-based heart rate sensor
  • Garmin Connect & Strava compatibility
  • Customize with Connect IQ app store
  • No internal storage
  • Lacks advanced metrics

5.TicWatch E2 – Best Waterproof Watches For Nurses

TicWatch E2 - Best Waterproof Watches For Nurses

Strap Material: Silcone | Connections: Bluetooth | Operating System: Wear OS by Google | Voice command:  Microphone | Water Resistance Depth: 50 meters | Storage: 512 MB RAM / 4GB ROM | Battery Life: Up to 2 days | Weight: 1.88 ounces

TicWatch E2 Smartwatch Review

The Mobvoi company is a Chinese company that was founded in Beijing, China in 2012. This company is also renowned for its technology. As you know the post is about smartwatches for nurses, so let’s come to the point about the watch of this brand and it’s TicWatch E2 Smartwatch.

Chinese products are spreading all over the world and they keep for their lower price but don’t worry about quality as it’s a Chinese brand. As I want to keep you attached with my suggestion, so you can assure yourself this Chinese smartwatch is also the best one for any wrist and especially nurses.

The brand is working on voice-based artificial intelligence and it’s developing this sector to bring the best smart gadgets to the user like smartwatches. Now you can relieve yourself to hear that Google and Mobvoi are working on a strategic partnership from 2015 through OS and Google Assistant.

This watch is powered by the high technology of proprietary AI algorithms to detect your motions, activities of swimming, riding, and able to provide proper fitness records on your wrist.

If you want to have everything at the same time then this will let you track your steps, speed, the distance through GPS, burned calories, and much more.

It’s not only waterproof but also keep records of your swim style, counts laps, strokes, duration, the pace at the same time.

When other smartwatches are confined to limited apps then this nurses smartwatch is out of the fence by Google Play, there are unlimited apps available just choose and install it on your loving watch. There is another cool feature available from Google and that is Google Voice Assistant just needs to command through your voice.

Reason For Like It: The sporty look and google support are reasons to think bigger in a watch like this.

  • Have a GPS and heart rate monitor
  • Google Play
  • Google Voice Assistant
  • Too big for the smaller wrist
  • No NFC

6.Xiaomi Mi Band 3 – Best Cheap Smartwatch For Nurses

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 - Best Cheap Smartwatch For Nurses

Material: Microfiber | Waterproof resistant: 50 meters | Voice Command: Touchscreen | Battery Life: Up to 20 days | Weight: 30 Grams

Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Review

Here is another smartwatch brand from China and it’s a well-known brand for providing budget products across the world like smartphones, smartwatches, headphones, power banks, and more. Though their products are within the budget, they don’t compromise with the quality- that’s why they gain and hold popularity from the beginning of 2010 to now.

Here you can say that this watch doesn’t look like a watch but you can also say it’s a smart band watch. Whether you’re a male or female nurse, it’ll suit your wrist and as it got the shape of the band it’s cool to wear and comfortable too.

This Xiaomi MI Band 3 has a real-time display, you may say the screen is tiny but you can operate it, as usual, you do with your smartphone. The display is completely visible for showing your duration of exercise, heart rate, mileage, and other types of data you want to track.

As I said and you can see it’s like a band that’s why it feels more comfortable. The bands are made of thermoplastic elastomer and it’s skin-friendly. Besides, the weight of this watch for nurses’ military time is also less than a smartwatch.

When you’re busy with your work but it’s on your hand, you can be comfortable doing your tasks and the health process will be on your eyes through the crystal clear display.

The band is also waterproof, during swimming the shape of the band will make it easier to your lap. You can see the caller’s name, can take calls, or can reject as your wish.

This smart band comes with MI Sports App which is for allowing you to set your needs as you want to need on a daily basis, so choose the right fitness program that suits you most.

Reason For Like It: This smart band is so cool for the wrist I won’t feel that something is on my wrist that’s the blessing of this smart band.

  • Looks elegant
  • Fits nicely
  • water resistant
  • Low weighs
  • Poor outdoor visibility
  • Plain design
  • Poor tracking system

7.LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR – Best Smartwatch for Nursing School

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR - Best Smartwatch for Nursing School

Screen size: 0.96 inch | Screen type: OLED | Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 4.0 or later | Bluetooth Transmission Distance: 10 Meters | Battery life: 5-10 days | Charging time: 1-2 hours | Weight: 0.8 Ounces

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR Review

When you can use almost everything in a band and can also feel comfortable in a tiny shape then why not a smart band can be the first choice during your nursing or whole time sessions.

Letscom brings this Fitness tracker HR with every needy feature one needs to be aware of health and other activities. You may male or female nurse, it won’t discriminate against you, it’ll show your heart in every second you want to know.

You may sleep but if it’s on your wrist, it’ll track your sleep modes and you can analyze your sleeping times when you wake up.

Your busiest life can be tracked accurately by this smart band like your every step, distance, calories you have and you burned by exercise, active hours. Though you’re a nurse, it’s not possible to test your health condition often but this smartwatch can do this easily- just need to select the feature and have a look at it.

This band has multi-sport mode up to 14, this huge mode will help you to better understand specific activity data. So you can keep your mode of exercise through different modes at different times.

The band is able to monitor heart rate and condition, the overall performance of rest/average & maximum heart rate always be your side to ensure the condition of health and it’s good to take necessary steps to keep a fit body.

Everyday exercise will count on it and GPS is ready to show you the real-time run statistics and the map is also memorized on it. A sound sleep is a key to start a new day with new inspiration and this one works as a sleep tracker, you may sleep but the watch won’t.

Your social site notifications, calls, and texts can be seen on the screen. The battery life is also quite good up to 7 days.

Reason For Like It: Comfortably fit on the wrist and durable battery life make me out of worries with a smart USB charging system.

  • Smart connectivity
  • Stylish look
  • Sedentary alert
  • Good fitness tracking
  • Have Sync issues

8.YAMAY Smart Watch – Best Fitness Watch for Nurses

YAMAY Smart Watch - Best Fitness Watch for Nurses

Screen size: 1.3″ | Structure: Metal Structure | Charging Method: Charging Clip | Charge Time: 2 hours | Wrist Strap Size: 5.7 inch to 9.2 inch | Battery Life: 10 Days

YAMAY Smart Watch Review

I’m listing those products here that are quality but sometimes besides quality-price also matters. Don’t need to think that costly smartwatches are always best, sometimes you can find the best smartwatch under a low budget and this one is a lower price with high quality.

This YAMAY Smartwatch is compatible with the Android and iOS operating systems. So your phone may be an android or iPhone, compatible with both of them. Once you connect it with your smartphone, you don’t need to pair them again.

The watch is perfectly fit for men and women nurses for tracking accurately all day’s activity of steps, calories, distance, duration, and more.

One of the most important parts of the body is the heart and you track your heart rate through this watch but if you want to know the statistics you’ve to go to the VeryFitPro app, these apps will help you to make adjustments to your lifestyle and workout.

It’s a sleep tracker too, you can know about your deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up time but the cons is, it records only less than 3 hours of sleeping time. As we know that 6-8 hours of continuous sleep is perfect for a mature person, so it’s an effective one for long-term sleep.

The VeryFitPro app is for your control over your phone. With this app, you can be alert of your calls, messages, calendar, emails, social app. It’s really a practical watch to continue during your nursing duty sessions, you won’t miss anything.

For a female menstrual fact is the most important part of her health and if you’re a woman nurse then this watch is for you to set your menstrual details in the app.

So you can get alert of your menstrual length, period length, and last menstrual date, and set the time to remind you in advance to prepare for next menstrual and ovulation thus you can take care of yourself for the future.

The different place needs different faces of clocks and it can be possible by this smartwatch with 4 clock faces, match your style and explore it.

The stopwatch and countdown timer is for your optimizing times during exercise. Monitoring of your health never stops up to 7 days with a single charge.

Reason For Like It: When I can get everything at a cheap price with the best quality then why not it can take place on this list!

  • IP68 waterproof
  • Suit on Men and women nurses
  • 14 exercise modes
  • 4 Face modes
  • Needs to be close to the phone
  • Not compatible with iMessage and MMS

9.Amazfit GTS – Best Fitness Smartwatch For Nurses

Amazfit GTS - Best Fitness Smartwatch For Nurses

Screen size: 1.65 Inches | Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS | Operating System: Amazfit OS | Voice Command: Touchscreen | Battery Life: 14 Days | Water resistant: 50 meters | Weight: 9.1 ounces

Amazfit GTS Smartwatch Review

This is about the Amazfit brand which is only produced smartwatches and its goal is only to provide great watches among consumers around the world. The brand is a sub-brand of Huami from China which was established in 2015 and from that day, it’s increasing with full of honor.

When other smartwatches come with plastic frames on their watches then this one provides a premium slim metallic body and it shows an elegant look to others. It used a 2.5D curved display with a thickness of 9.4mm makes it slim to fit well and delicate.

The display of that watch is also cool with a 341 PPI AMOLED clear display of 1.5-inch. There are editable widgets available for you, edit them and enjoy the outer look of them.

These smartwatches are mostly on a health basis and this isn’t out of it too. You’ll have 12 sport modes of running, cycling, treadmill, climbing, trail run, skiing, and more, just select the mode and track the record. Hope you’ll upgrade your record every day.

Your health report will be accurate as it uses a PPG sensor &  Realbeats Al-Based engine. This capability can monitor your heart rate for 24hours and also do warning if a much too high value is detected.

You can control your phone, can select and skip songs with this watch, just need to connect it through Bluetooth.

The good news about swimming is it can automatically detect your swimming position, able to record data like SWOLF, pace, or calorie consumption.

This Amazfit GTS is also rich in battery durability, it can run up to 14 days with a single charge, so twice a month of charging is pretty good at a total of 4 hours of charging.

Reason For Like It: A metallic body with a curved display feels like a premium one and the durable battery is also a point.

  • AMOLED display
  • Always-ON display
  • 24-hours heart rate monitoring
  • Battery saver mode
  • No Call & Message Reply
  • Can’t customize the watch face
  • Can’t run third-party apps

10.Apple Watch Series 6 – Best Smartwatch For Health

Apple Watch Series 6 - Best Smartwatch For Health

Size: 40mm | Connectivity: Bluetooth, GPS | Operating System: WatchOS | Voice Command: Touchscreen, Dial | GPS: Yes | Supports Bluetooth: 5 GHz Radio Frequency | Weight: 1.08 ounces

Apple Watch Series 6 Review

The last one on our list is high with specifications, durability, and price. Whatever it is, a renowned brand like Apple is always good and best of all. This is New Apple Watch Series 6 and the latest one, I can assure any nurse that it’s compatible with what you need from a smartwatch.

The watch got 5 colors according to the consumer’s need: Red, Blue, Gold, White & Space Grey. So choose one of them as your heart goes for the right color and take full advantage of it.

It’s a complete package for knowing a nurse or other people’s health conditions through different features. It measures the blood oxygen level and can inform you, the eye of this watch for nurses also focuses on your heart. Use the blood oxygen app to know about it.

The ECG app will take your Electrocardiogram from your wrist at any time you want to know. The Sleep app is to tracks your sleep goals each night thus you can live an active day the next day.

Your every move can be countered through this smartwatch at a time. The workout features are available for running, yoga, swimming, dancing, cycling, and almost everything to measure your every move.

The Aluminum body with an always-on Retina display at a size of 2.5x brightness is cool for the wrist on the dark side or in sunlight. This S6 SiP is 20% faster than series 5 and the previous of them.

This amazing display will allow getting notify about the calls, text and you can also answer the calls through it. You can also enjoy music, podcast through this smartwatch.

When everything is online then why not this one, you can use Apple Pay for paying your bills as a wallet. Another great feature is commanding through your own voice by using the Apple Siri feature. So your busy life will be easier when everything is on your wrist.

It used 5GHz Wifi and U1 Ultra wideband chips for super-fast connectivity through your smartphone and other smart gadgets you use. You can track the destination or jogging areas with GPS and it’s also waterproof to reduce your worry about water problems.

Reason For Like It: The bigger display than other Apple watches with 20% fastest activity and most accurate data about health will lead anyone to have it.

  • Always-ON screen
  • ECG tracker
  • Measure Blood Oxygen
  • Quick swap straps
  • Expensive
  • Only support iPhone

Best Smartwatch For Nurses – Buying Guide


The design of a smartwatch is much necessary to present your choice to others. So it must be a smart design to put on your wrist.

You can find 3 types/shapes of smartwatches in the market and those are round, square, and rectangular shapes.

The basic design of a watch is classic and digital and you can use both of them by changing the watch face from setting. If you prefer a classic look then get a circle shape watch for the perfect match.


Your watch will always be on your hand and for that everyone will notice often for getting great attention you should choose the right color. There are plenty of watch faces available for the nurses’ smartwatches, so you’ll need to focus on the strap/band’s color.


In the display of a watch, the size of the nursing smartwatch is the main factor and when it comes to the smartwatch you won’t deny it at all.

Enough larger displays play a key role in surfing the functions of the watch easily as it’s a touch screen display. You may get a tiny display on the bands but the watch is quite good at that.

Whatever the size is, make sure you feel comfortable putting the watch on your wrist and also able to surf it easily.


The main fact of getting a smartwatch for nurses is having accurate health data and the data are collected through the sensors that are already built in it.

So, make sure your necessary sensors are in your watch especially Heart Rate (HRM), Accelerometer, Gyroscope, GPS sensor.

This sensor is used to track your health condition and is able to provide you with a report of it.


Most people buy a smartwatch to get notified about the calls, texts, emails, social sites by their watch: and for that, the watch must be compatible with the smartphone you’re using.


As you know that a smartwatch is run by a battery then you must know that poor battery life will be a curse for you. When you’re in the nursing profession, you must have a busy life and for that to always attach to the charger will be irritating.

So take a watch that can run more on a single charge. From our suggestion, there are some best nursing smartwatches that can run up to 7+ days. You’ve to keep in mind that the draining of battery power depends on how you use it.


Maximum smartwatches are waterproof and if you buy from our list then I can assure you that all of them are waterproof. A waterproof is very useful for surfing, swimming and other activities you need to do on the water.

Bottom Line

It’s an honor to be a nurse and help the patient for being well as soon as possible but it also needs awareness of your own health and around the people you care for and for that, a smartwatch can make your life easier through the smart features.

The future is always on the dark side you can’t see it but you can take the necessary steps to keep yourself happy and safe. Take care of others and take care of yourself too for doing a great step tomorrow again.


Why do nurses need a smartwatch?

Honestly, it’s necessary to use a smartwatch for nurses. If you like to wear one, the main benefits are, you can monitor heart rate, counting steps, read texts of incoming messages without taking your phone and there are a few things you can do with a smartwatch as a nurse.

Why do nurses have Apple watches?

Nurses use watches as a part of their everyday practice like taking pulses, monitor the heart rate, and also reminders to check on patients’ medications. Additionally, to look up important information, communicate with team members without picking up the cell phone. All of that can be accomplished with just the Apple Watch.

Why do nurses wear watches upside down?

Most of the time, the military personnel, police officers, and nurses wear watches upside down. However, nurses wear watches upside down to protect the watch against damage, to avoid glare and reflection, which makes the watch easier to read for them.

What are the watches called that nurses wear?

Watches that nurses wear are called Fob watches. It comes with a short ribbon or chain attached to a watch and it hanging out of the pocket. The Fob watches are timepieces that clip onto the pocket of a nurse’s uniform.

Can you use a digital watch as a nurse?

Yes. A digital watch with a lightweight design and durable can keep up your demanding job as a nurse. It’s so easy to clean and much comfortable. Here, Timex Midsize Ironman Sleek is the best digital watch for nurses.

Which Apple Watch is best for nurses?

While nurses want the best watch to wear, the Apple Watch can be a great wearable for them as it provides a lot of benefits to nurses. The Apple watch series 5 is the best Apple Watch for nurses.

Can nurses wear Fitbits?

Yes, Fitbit is the most popular brand for wearables. When it is for the nursing watch, the Fitbit fitness tracker can help nurses to monitor their health throughout their working time. It can monitor heart rate, steps and calories burned that is more essential to nurses.

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