10 Best Keyboards For Fortnite in 2021 – Reviews & Buying Guide

People are getting surrounded by new technology day by day and they always want to be updated with this new era. The keyboard is also covered in it. The latest technology is Bluetooth as we know, so here all of the keyboards are perform through Bluetooth. There have a far away from the wired keyboard and the best keyboard for Fortnite.

The wired keyboard is connecting with PCs through a USB port and the Fortnite keyboards are connecting with devices through Radio-frequency, Infrared, and Bluetooth. Two types of Fortnite PC macros are using everyone. One is wired and the other is wireless.

Here we’re talking about the best keyboard Fortnite. You can learn about the difference, qualities, and many more from here. You’re here for knowing about the best one for you, that’s why we provide the best and quality full keyboards for keeping you happy.

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Best Keyboard For Fortnite in 2021 – Top 10 Picks

  1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard – Best Wireless Keyboard For Fortnite
  2. Jelly Comb Foldable Keyboard – Most Common Keyboard For Fortnite
  3. FENIFOX Keyboard – Bluetooth Keyboard For Fortnite
  4. Arteck HB030B Universal – Mechanical Switch Gaming Keypad Fortnite
  5. HP Wireless Elite Keyboard – Best Fortnite Gaming Keyboard for Computer
  6. CORSAIR K57 – RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite
  7. Logitech MX Keys – Advanced Wireless Illuminated Fortnite Keyboard
  8. DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – Best PS4 Wireless Keyboard for Fortnite
  9. Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Best Keyboard and Mouse for Fortnite
  10. Apple Magic Keyboard – Best Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite

1. Microsoft Surface Keyboard

Best Wireless Keyboard For Fortnite

Brand: Microsoft | Model: WS2-0003 | Color: Grey | Size: 42.1 x 11.3 x 1.9 cm | Case Material: Aluminum | Operating System: Windows, Android, MacOS & iOS | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Batteries: 2 AAA | Durability of Battery: 8-12 Months

Microsoft Surface Keyboard Review

If you’re a computer user then you know better than the maximum computer is operated by windows except for the iOS operating system and this operating system comes from Microsoft. So you can easily understand that it has its notorious value of it for giving their best to their user.

Here is a Microsoft surface keyboard which can be the best Fortnite gaming keyboard for you.


The look of this best Fortnite keyboard is amazing for its silky design. Microsoft made it an attractive peripheral. People mostly love it because it’s very slim than other Fortnite keyboards. If you try to measure it you can know that it’s only a few millimeters high.

The look of the color is standard cause it comes with silver and gray color. The back of this best keyboard for playing Fortnite is made of metal, so you’ll feel smooth during holding it, and its sturdy for any kind of desk.

The top of the Fortnite keyboard layout has a battery case. As you know it’s a wireless keyboard, so the source of power supplies form the batteries. It needs 2 AAA batteries and these are connected with the keyboard Fortnite through the magnet.


Everybody wants the best performance from their gadgets. This best keyboard for Fortnite has a great performance which you’ll know by using it. Showing of performance is started when you’ll connect it with your PC.

Put the batteries in it and go to your PC settings and add Bluetooth device. It has no Bluetooth dongle, so you have to connect it through the Bluetooth setting. After ON the Bluetooth your PC will ask to connect the keyboard then you can connect it easily.

This Microsoft keyboard is very fast, you don’t need to worry about it. During typing faster than normal typing one after another the keypress isn’t registered by the computer. If you’re a gamer, you can play a few games with it but we don’t recommend to use it for heavy games.

Using for a long period of time to complete your tasks, it’s the best Fortnite keyboard for your comfort. You can use it with your Windows PC, windows 10 phone, Mac OS, iOS, and also compatible with android.

Connectivity and Battery

Connecting this windows surface keyboard for Fortnite is easy, just open your device’s Bluetooth, and then it asks a pin after once you connect it’ll automatically connect afterward. It needs two AAA batteries. The battery can live 8-12 months. It depends on your uses.

  • Amazing look
  • Metal design
  • A strong metal build quality
  • Easily can connect
  • Don’t need any dongle
  • Noisy spacebar
  • No backlit
  • Minimal tilt
  • Expensive

 2. Jelly Comb Foldable Keyboard

Most Common Keyboard Fortnite

Jelly Comb Foldable Keyboard - Most Common Keyboard For Fortnite

Brand: Jelly Comb | Model: B003 | Keyboard Size: 11.89 x 3.82 x 0.13 inch | Touchpad Size: 2.16 x 1.76 inch | Bluetooth: 3.0 | Weight: 197.3g | Keyboard Layout: Builtin | Keys: 63 | Charging Time: 2 hours | Battery Standby: 560 hours | USB Support: Yes

Jelly Comb Foldable Keyboard Review

Are you looking for a portable mini Bluetooth keyboard for Fortnite? Then this best gaming keyboard for CSGO is for you. You can use this excellent Fortnite macros keyboard for your typing purposes. The best thing about this is that it can be folded and also have a mouse pad of it.


Jelly comb made an extraordinary keyboard for Fortnite. It’s a tri-folded black keyboard. You can fold it and carry it easily. The folding system can’t be a lock. The right and left sides of this Fortnite keyboard are the same at their measurement.

The right side is for using the Fortnite player holding the keyboard as a mouse. This site is used as a mouse pad. It has left and right buttons too. Except for the right side other side is for the keyboard with buttons.

There is a USB and charging port on the top of it. Rubberized feet on the back of it makes it more adjustable on the surface of your desk. As it’s a mini keyboard with a folding system, that’s made it a unique designable keyboard for Fortnite.


The performance of this jelly comb portable keyboard for Fortnite is also great like it’s designed. You may feel a little uncomfortable during typing because of its folding system. Certain keys are downsized for its fold design.

You can easily get knowledge of these Keys after several using of it. Don’t worry about fast typing, it can crop up with your typing speed. The keys are super fast and easy to press too. The touchpad is enough sensitive for doing your jobs as fast as your typing speed.

You’ll need an extra mouse if you don’t have any touchpad with your device, With this  Fortnite keyboard, you can gain a mousepad in it too.


Jelly comb includes a touchpad in this best Fortnite keyboard layout. It has a right and left button for clicks and selects your options. You can use inbuilt swipe functions in windows 10 and mobile OS. You can save your extra expense of a mouse after having it.

Connectivity and Battery

It can win a gold medal for its easiest connectivity. You want to connect it via Bluetooth or USB cable. Bluetooth 3.0 is used for connecting. You can connect it with windows, iOS, and Android. If your PC doesn’t support Bluetooth, then add a third-party Bluetooth adapter.

Prompted code is used to connect it, enter the code, and explore this folded keyboard for Fortnite. It has its own built-in rechargeable battery. Just need 2 hours to fully recharge the battery and can last up to 560 hours.

  • Tri-fold system
  • Responsive touchpad
  • Built-in battery
  • Easy setup
  • Micro USB supported
  • Smallest enter key
  • No kick-out tilt feet

3. FENIFOX Keyboard

Bluetooth Keyboard For Fortnite

FENIFOX Keyboard - Bluetooth Keyboard For Fortnite

Brand: Fenifox | Model: DF66BTSL | Size: 11.3 x 5 x 0.2 inch | Color: Silver | Connectivity: Wireless | Bluetooth: 4.0 | Operating System: Windows, iOS, Android | Ergonomic: Yes (Double) | Battery: Rechargable Lithium-ion (built-in) | Battery Standby: 1 month | USB Connectivity: Yes | Sleeping Mode: Yes | Weight: 10.6 ounces.

Fenifox Keyboard Review

If you have a weakness of a Bluetooth Fortnite keyboard, then here is the best switching keyboard for you. Fenifox made a great smaller keyboard at a lower cost. The ergonomic design made it luxurious though it comes at a lower price.

If you need best in best then it’s for you with the greatest features and durability.


Fenifox made this Fortnite gaming keyboard like an apple keyboard. So you can get it at a low price. Double ergonomic design feels more comfortable for typing. The first ergonomic is 13 degrees and the second is 22 degrees.

Design is like luxurious for all classes of people. Mostly it suits an official desk. There is a USB port for charging the keyboard. You’ll find caps lock, Fn lock, and other instructions indicator on the top of it.

On the back of the keyboard, a switch is waiting for ON or OFF it. A pair of code buttons for pairing this keyboard for Fortnite with usable devices. Overall it has a master class design which you’ve to love it.


Performance depends on its activity and the activity is first-class like its design. 12 function keys are available to make it easier to use. The ergonomic system made it suitable for any faster typing.

How many devices it can take? It can take up to 3 devices at a time. You may find other devices need connecting devices one after another but it can take up to 3 devices suitably.

Wide compatibility means wide performance it can connect windows, iOS, android, XP, Mac, MacBook vista, Linux, and other devices you want.

A durable battery with a charging system helps it to live longer. Automatic sleeping mode increases the performance of its battery.

Connectivity and Battery

Bluetooth connectivity made this best Fortnite keyboard easier to connect it with any device.

Different operating systems need a different connecting system. For iOS, you’ve to press Fn+Q, for Android press Fn+W, for Windows press Fn+E. Useful thing is that all of these 3 keys are sits one by on at the same row.

Selecting 3 devices on this keyboard is also easier too. For the first device press Fn + 1, the second device needs Fn+2 and the third takes Fn+3. So you don’t need to connect those devices again and again.

This Fenifox Fortnite keyboard uses a built-in battery. With a single charge, it can last 1 month. For long durability, it goes to sleep automatically. It has a switch turn OFF it and thus it can save the power of the battery. It can be charged more than 100 times.

You can also work when it’s in the plug.

  • Smart design
  • Multiple switching systems
  • Double ergonomic
  • Wide compatibility
  • Lower cost
  • Don’t have extra number keys
  • Sleep automatically

4. Arteck HB030B Universal

Mechanical Switch Gaming Keypad Fortnite

Arteck HB030B Universal - Mechanical Switch Gaming Keypad Fortnite

Brand: Arteck | Model: HB030B | Color: Black | Case Material: Plastic | Size: 9.7 x 5.9 x 0.2 inches | Operating System: iOS, Windows, Android | Bluetooth: 3.0 | Backlit: Yes (7 Colors) | Battery: 1 Li-polymer (rechargable) | Voltage: 5v | Durability of Battery: 6 months (On 2 hours of daily uses)

Arteck HB030B Universal Fortnite Keyboard Review

A backlit keyboard is colorful to use and can be useful in a dark place. The Fortnite keyboard lighting is if anyone familiar with the keys.

Looking for the cheapest backlit keyboard for Fortnite?

Artek made this Fortnite backlit keyboard at a lower price for made a great connection with its customers.


The thinnest design is more preferable for using smartly with devices. Size comes at a thinner and smaller shape, It has a measurement of 9.7 x 5.9 x 0.24 inches.

The shape made its lowest weight like a feather that’ll helpful carrying it anywhere easily. Keys are made of backlit. So its looking gorgeous while lights are on. 7 backlit colors can be select in it. So choose your favorite color from it and be happy.

The layout of the keys is like a laptop. So it’ll be familiar to use. There have double windows button as a Mac OS / iOS command key. It doesn’t have any ergonomic system. Perfectly usable on a flat surface of a table.

A USB charging port is also in this mini Fortnite for charging the battery. LED indicator for keys is for caps lock, Bluetooth pairing, charging, and also for knowing about battery life.


The performance is outstanding as like any laptop keyboard. Striking the keys faster or slower it doesn’t get mind. It’ll deliver it’s the best sensitivity on your PC’s screen.

As it is a backlit all-around keyboard, with the lights at also supper. Lighting can be turned OFF. In inactivity of 45 seconds, lights go turn OFF automatically. Multi-functional backlit made it easier to choose the best color for one. To make sure of eye comfort brightness can adjust at 2 levels.

Three operating systems can be run with this Fortnite keyboard lighting. Windows, macOS, iOS. Performances are the same as all of these systems.

Scissors kick construction is used for enhancing the durability of keys and these keys can stroke more than 3 million times at a stretch. A durable battery with the easiest connectivity enhances its performance.

I think in a low budget, you can’t get any other greatest backlit keyboard for Fortnite like this.

Connectivity and Battery

As you know it’s a wireless Fortnite keyboard, it prefers Bluetooth 3.0 to connect your devices.

There is a connecting switch at the top of the keyboard. Turn ON the button and select your device “Q” for iOS, “W” for Android, and “E” for Windows.

This Fortnite keyboard doesn’t allow us to connect multiple devices at a time. If you try to connect a new one the previous must to be a disconnect.

A built-in battery is used in it. So you don’t need to buy extra batteries. As it comes with a rechargeable battery, so you can use it more and more.

The Li-polymer battery is a strong battery that is used in this mini gaming keyboard. It can last up to 6 months on a single charge. That’s huge!

This best Fortnite keyboard will be best for enhancing the durability of the batteries if you turn OFF the backlit when you’re under a light.

  • Portable size
  • Perfect thin
  • 7 colors for backlit
  • Lower cost
  • Just one device can be at a time
  • Don’t have ergonomic

5. HP Wireless Elite Keyboard

Best Fortnite Gaming Keyboard for Computer


HP Wireless Elite Keyboard - Best Fortnite Gaming Keyboard for Computer

Brand: HP | Model: Elite V2 | Color: Black | Size: 17.3 x 6 x 0.6 inches | Case Material: Plastic | Operating System: XP, Vista, Windows | Connectivity: 2.4 GHz wireless | Backlit: No | Battery: 2 AAA (Non rechargable) | Weight: 1.54 pounds

HP Wireless Elite Keyboard Review

HP is a renowned brand around the world. They never compromise with the quality of their products.

This brand has many accessories for your computer life. This HP Elite keyboard v2 is one of them. This Fortnite best keyboard has much greatness for loving it. That’s why it’s going up with its popularity.


Do you like an ultra-slim keyboard for playing Fortnite? If yes, then it must be perfect for you. This keyboard comes in 17.28 x 6.02 x 0.61 inches of shape. 0.61″ of thickness is great for an ultra-slim lover.

This HP Elite v2 keyboard for Fortnite has an ultra-slim shape. It’s a standard fashionable shape for any desk. Keycaps are made of scissor-style that’s best for typing smoothly. Typing at a fast speed will be helpful in this style.

4 hotkeys are available for control and quick access to your PC. Adjustable legs help it to make one’s wrist comfortable. This ergonomic system enhances any typer for typing faster than the past.

On the right side, it has a number pad. Though this number pad makes it some bigger, it’s just given to make your fingers comfortable. The top of the left side has a sleep button which helpful for increasing the durability of the battery.


Everyone wants to type smoothly. Low profile keys and stand-alone design helps to type smoothly.

The design is kindlier for this HP Elite v2 keyboard to dirt out from it. Dirt decrease a keyboard life we may say dirt decrease any electronic gadgets life. Compatible with USB supported devices easily.

Why number pad is used in a keyboard?

The number pad is one of the best sections of a Fortnite keyboard. It helps users with the fastest typing numbers. It is useful for a cashier or any accounting systems like pay bill or balancing budgets quickly because all the number keys are stands at the same place.

Connectivity and Battery

Felling hassles to connecting keyboard via Bluetooth? You don’t need to worry about that cause it comes with a dongle connection.

How to use a dongle for wireless connectivity?

It’s an easy thing to connect a wireless device via dongle. You don’t need to pair your devices again and again also don’t need to put password keys.

You’ll have a mini USB dongle with the keyboard, just need to put the dongle on the PC’s USB port. Then it’ll connect and be usable easily. You can use it and connect it from up to 30 feet.

This Elit v2 keyboard can connect up to 5 devices at once using 2.4GHz USB wireless receiver when you plug it in your computer. You can use it with XP, Vista, Windows. It requires 2 AAA size batteries for power supply on the keyboard.

  • Comfortable for typing
  • Excellent thin design
  • Easy to setup
  • Durable
  • Limited macOS compatibility
  • No backlit
  • Batteries can’t recharge


RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite

CORSAIR K57 - RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard for Fortnite

Brand: Corsair | Model: K57 | Color: Black | Size: 19.0 x 6.5 x 1.4 inches | Case Material: Plastic | Operating System: Microsoft Windows | Software: Corsair iCue | Connectivity: USB 3.0, 2,4 GHz dongle and Bluetooth | Media Keys: Yes | Game Mode: Yes | RGB Lighting: Yes (18 colors abailable) | Weight: 2.09pounds | Battery: 1 C included | Standby: 35 hours (with RGB) / 175 hours (without RGB)

CORSAIR K57 Fortnite Gaming Keyboard Review

A well-known brand always does the best to improve products to keep up its reputation throughout the market.

Corsair is also a reputed brand for PC accessories. That’s why it’s on our list. Its best for its design performance and many more that’s why it also included in our other review of two wireless mice.

It’s the best Fortnite keyboard. This Corsair wireless gaming keyboard for Fortnite comes to withe RGB backlit and its best to exploring gaming performances.


This Corsair k57 is an enormous keyboard. It comes at a size of 19.0 x 6.5 x 1.4 inches. The plastic material used in it and it’s an RGB lighting keyboard.

At the top of the keyboard, there are some macro keys for shortcuts using this keyboard which makes the user use it comfortably.

Though it’s a gaming Fortnite keyboard it has also a number pad for quick use of it. For macros, it has 6x G keys on the left side of it.

At the lower of it, you can use a detachable rubber palm which you can use to reduce your wrists’ stress and it’s a great useful system of it for long-time gaming.

There is a USB port for connecting with other devices through it has the other two options for connecting.


As we said it’s a Fortnite gaming mouse, so it performs best during gaming.

It’s an RGB backlit keyboard with colors of 18 colors you can use as you wish whats suits on you. Too much brightness can be irritated for your eyes, so select the perfect brightness which suits your eyes.

You can customize RGB lighting through CUE software. Black plastic keys with glossy bar speed up performance for gaming and it also best for gaming.

If you want to use this PC keyboard for your general purposes like official work then it may disappoint you because it’s some noisy as a Fortnite keyboard.

Wireless performance is also awesome as it can run 3 systems for connectivity and you won’t get these systems at a time in one keyboard like it.

Connectivity and Battery

Don’t worry about connecting it to your devices cause it has three easiest ways to connect it. Choose which helps you to explore it in the best way.

It has 3 connectivity system those are:

  1. Wireless Dongle connectivity.
  2. Bluetooth connectivity.
  3. Wired USB connectivity.

Which connection is the best?

It depends on your choice and in your expertness. If you’re well known with Bluetooth than its best for this connectivity.

When you feel hassle to connect through Bluetooth than just insert its dongle in your usable device and it’ll pair automatically.

At last, it’s so easy to connect through USB cable.

1 C battery is included in it. This battery is rechargeable and this Corsair k57 keyboard can be usable during charging.

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The durability of the battery is outstanding during unplugging. It can last up to 35 hours at a stretch with RGB lighting and can last 175 hours without RGB.

As it can be used through USB cable, so don’t need to worry about the life of the battery but it’s best for battery durability to use it through unplug after fully recharge of it.

  • RGB lighting
  • 3 modes for connectivity
  • Number pad
  • Macro shortcut keys
  • Detachable rubberized palm
  • No mechanical switches
  • Squishy key feel
  • Plastic body

7. Logitech MX Keys

Advanced Wireless Illuminated Fortnite Keyboard

Logitech MX Keys - Advanced Wireless Illuminated Fortnite Keyboard

Brand: Logitech | Model: MX keys | Color: Black | Size: 16.92 x 5.18 x 0.80 inches | Backlit: Yes | Operating System: Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android | Connectivity: USB dongle & Bluetooth | Battery: 1 Lithium-polymer (included) | Standby: 10 days (with backlit) & 5 months (with backlit) | Weight: 1.9 pounds

Logitech MX Keys Fortnite Keyboard Review

A user who works for a long time every day just wants a keyboard, which is comfortable for the wrists and fingers. Perfect stroke keys with full of responsive and the keys are made of the size of fingertips that’s why its best for your finger.

This Logitech MX keys keyboard is unique than other keyboards for its functions and other qualities.


It’s not flat and generally designed like other keyboards. Looks are in black color with white markings on the keys.

Size comes in 16.92 x 5.18 x 0.80 inches. So it’s may bigger than other keyboards but it needs to do it for including some keys. The back of this Fortnite pc controls is made of metal for enhancing its stability on the surface of the table.

On the right side there is a number pad for quick access on numbers apart from there are some other important keys sits too.

On top of it there three switches for an easy switch on multiple devices. Beside it there you’ll find a USB-C port charging of this keyboard.

All of the keys will blow through their backlight and it’s amazing for working. There is only one color in it and it’s white. I think its best for the eyes in the case of long durable works.


Performance depends on keys responses. When you’re going to tap on the keys it’ll respond with your speed.

Every key has spherically dished for your fingertip, so it’s easy to feel the keys. You don’t need to worry if your fingers don’t touch the tips properly. Every key is very sensitive and the will respond if your fingers just touch any side of the keys.

It has proximity detection as we see in smartphones. This proximity is used to light up the backlight of the keys. When your hands are on the keyboard it’ll detect and automatically it blow up with keys light.

You can work with multiple computers at a time through-flow cross computer control. It is also compatible with multiple operating systems. Easy switch buttons will be helpful for you.

Connectivity and battery

Dual connectivity is used in it for connecting it with your devices. You can connect it with a USB dongle receiver and it’s the easiest way to connect a wireless device.

You can also connect it through Bluetooth too. At a time it can connect up to 3 devices. One lithium-polymer battery is included in it for the energy of it.

With full of charge, this best keyboard for Fortnite can last up to 10 days with backlit and can live up to 5 months without backlit.

  • Backlit keyboard
  • Metallic back case
  • Dished fingertip
  • Proximity sensor for backlit
  • Flow cross control
  • Expensive
  • Heavy and lengthy for traveling

8. DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Best Wireless Keyboard for Fortnite

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Best PS4 Wireless Keyboard for Fortnite

Brand: DIERYA | Model: DK63 | Color: Blue Switch | Size: 12 x 5.6 x 19 inches | Case Material: Plastic | Ergonomic: Yes | Opering System: Windows, XP, Mac, iOS, Android | Bluetooth: Yes (4.0) | USB: Yes (3.0) | RGB Lighting: Yes (7 colors) | Battery: 1 Li-ion (included / 1900 mAh | Standby: 100 hours | Weight: 1.54 pounds

DIERYA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Want an RGB wireless gaming mouse for Fortnite in a short budget? Then it’s for you. DIERYA made this keyboard excellent for gaming and official works. Excellent build quality, durable, ergonomic all of them made it the best keyboard for fps gaming.

It is one of the top brands for computer accessories.


This gaming mouse comes in black color with RGB lighting has a great design. The size of it is 12 x 5.6 x 1.9 inches.

This keyboard comes with RGB lighting and best for gaming. You customize different colors. It’s a mechanical keyboard.

The ergonomic design makes it easier to use. You can set ergonomic hight and can boost up your typing through comforts.


Don’t think a low-priced keyboard can’t full fill your desire through its performance. You won’t get high noise during typing fast or slow it’s very soft for typing.

In the dark area, you have an option of RGB and they can be turn OFF or ON it depends on you.

You’ll have 7 colors to choose from it. The brightness of RGB can be customized. Use Fn + up/down key for adjusting the level. Fn+space key used for changing the colors of your choice.

It supports Windows, Mac, Android, Xbox, PS4. So you can explore devices without any worry. Ergonomical keycaps will help you to use it long term at a stretch.

Connectivity and Battery

DIERYA doesn’t compromise with the connectivity system. It has a dual-mode of connectivity.

For Bluetooth connectivity turn on your Bluetooth connection and press Fn+Q/W/E for 6 seconds and it’ll connect automatically.

You use it via wire and it’s an easy system for connecting it. Need to wire it with your device or you can select Fn+R for closeout from Bluetooth mode.

  • RGB lighting
  • Dual-mode connectivity
  • Lower cost
  • No number pad

9. Felicon Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Best Keyboard and Mouse for Fortnite

Felicon Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo - Best Keyboard and Mouse for Fortnite

Brand: FELICON | Model: Pink punk | Color: Pink | Size: 17.4 x 5.4 x 1.4 inches | Operating System: Windows, Vista, XP, Mac OS | Connectivity: Wireless dongle (2.5 GHz) | Backlit: Yes | Ergonomic: Yes | Battery: 4000 mAh Li-ion | Charging Time: 5 hours | Standby: 6 months | Weight: 2.55 pounds

Felicon Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Most of the peoples like pink, in this case, girls are at the first of the line. Actually girls like pink mostly and this color also suits them that’s why this color mad them at it.

As we know that the world is becoming faster and girls also cope with the speed of this new era. For a pink lover, FELiCON made this keyboard with white light and it goes with it properly.

It’s not only best for the color and light but also has some other exclusive features in it which help you to know about it and you’ll love to have it.


This FELiCON pink keyboard is unique for its individual design than other keyboards. Keycaps come at the shape of a circle and this made it a little unique design than others.

This keyboard is made of backlit with only one color of white and it suits it. The size of this keyboard is 17.4 x 5.4 x 1.4 inches.

There is a number pad also in it. On the left side of it, you’ll see the original logo of the brand of FELiCON.

On the top right side, there is 3 LED indicator which helps you to remind you about the status of it. The USB port is for charging.

You may think the keys are small but when you’re with it, you won’t feel a disturbance. Especially it goes with the fingers of girls as their fingers are small and soft than men.


Backlit is cool for use and the don’t hurt eyes. As it has an only white light and it’s perfect for our eyes too in the dark because we usually live in white lights though different colors may look great white is best for us.

You can customize the brightness and can speed up or low the light effects of the lights. With a nano dongle receiver of 2.4GHz connect it easily and take care of the bridge of the connection.

It’ll auto-sleep while inactivity and can instantly run after you come back. The ergonomic system will boost up your typing speed.

Connectivity and Battery

It’s an easy task to connect it in second. You’ll have a USB dongle of 2.4GHz to connect it with your PC. Put it on your computer USB port it’ll connect automatically. Don’t need any manual connectivity.

This Fortnite keyboard and mouse combo have a huge power of an inbuilt battery. 4000 mah of Li-ion battery will provide you a long life of it. You can recharge the battery and it takes just 5 hours to fully recharge it.

You can recharge it during its on the charging mode. On a single charge, it can last up to 6 months. So you can get a better option of battery life from this keyboard.

  • LED-backlit
  • Low cost
  • Unique design
  • Ergonomic system
  • Rechargeable & long durable battery
  • Keys are small
  • Only white backlit
  • Only dongle connectivity

10. Apple Magic Keyboard

Best Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite Apple Magic Keyboard - Best Gaming Keyboard For Fortnite

Brand: Apple | Model: Magic keyboard with Numeric keypad | Color: White | Size: 6.48 x 4.52 x 0.43 inches | Operating System: Mac, iOS | Bluetooth: Yes | Backlit or RGB: No | Battery: Inbuilt rechargable | Standby: Up to 1 month

Apple Magic Keyboard Review

Apple is the greatest brand in the field of technology. From the beginning, it holds its best in every product.

Apple never compromises with their quality that’s it just took a place in every list if they have products in those fields. You may say that this keyboard is costly than you’ve to know this “Good products take good price.”

Here we’re with the Apple magic keyboard. It takes place in the last position because it’s the best.


The design of it looks simpler and its really simple. This apple magic keyboard is very slim and for that, it won many typers hearts.

This magic keyboard with a numeric keypad has a size of 6.48 x 4.52 x 0.43 inches. The color of this keyboard is white and you can choose black too. But in my suggestion is that white is best cause most people to use the black keyboard.

It also has a number pad for quick use of numbers. There are 12 function keys in it. Extend layout with a numeric keypad made a great sight of it.

As it looks slim and stylish it’ll be best in your office desk and it also represents your personality.


This Fortnite keyboard is best for its performance and none can bite it in this case. Every key is well designed for quickly designed and they are responsive to.

You won’t get backlit or RGB in it. It’s better to increase the longevity of battery life. A scissor mechanism beneath used to increase the power of every key. You can optimize keys as your wish through its apps.

Numeric keypads will increase your experience for financial works in spreadsheets. Arrow keys can be used for your better gaming experience.

Is it too flat to make trouble for your long term work?

Connectivity and Battery

It’s a wireless keyboard, so it connects via Bluetooth. Mac computer, Mac OS, iOS devices 10m or later is appropriate for connecting it.

You can also use an extra USB cable to connect it to other devices. It’s not mandatory to use it only apple devices, If you connect it via USB you can flow with it.

The inbuilt battery has in it and you can run the keyboard up to 1 month or more with a single full of charge. If someday battery is dead it can be used with a USB cable.

  • Stylish and slim design
  • Numeric keypad
  • Metallic body
  • Durable
  • No Backlit or RGB
  • Costly
  • Low capacity of the battery

Best Keyboard for Fortnite – Buying Guide

You’re here for buying a keyboard for your PC then you need some short tips for buying the best keyboard.


A keyboard may be small or may large. When it comes in a small size you’ll find that there are no extra keys which helpful for faster typing.

Smaller keyboards have a lack of few extra keys but it great for carrying.


Keyboard runs with the keys that’s why it call keyboard. For rapid typing, the keys must comfortable with every finger of hands. Every key has to sensitive enough to type faster.

Ergonomical keys are best for fit with fingers and it helps for better performance. Numeric keys best for fast financial typing in workbooks.


Different keyboards have different looks. For official users must sure that the looks of the keyboard fit with your office.

Gamers must look at the gaming look at the keyboard with different colors of RGB or backlit but in this case, RGB is the best.


Connectivity is the biggest issue for wireless connectivity. You can choose Bluetooth/ Dongle/ USB wire.

You can get only one or two connectivity or can get three connection system in one keyboard. A wise decision will make you happy in this case.


The performance of the Fortnite keyboard has to be best with every keystroke and also comfortable for the wrists for at a stretch of long durable typing.

Battery life

A long durable is a must for the best keyboard. Inbuilt battery is great because they recharge and they also long durable.

RGB or backlit keyboards drains the power of the batteries. Some keyboards can use during charging and this type of keyboards can use even if the battery is no more.


A computer without a keyboard can’t be usable. So it’s mandatory to use a keyboard for running our computers.

So why not choose the best keyboard for Fortnite for your better experiences. You may work for official purposes or just for gaming. Here are all the categories that are included for you.

Every key has command greatly for great and fast feedback from your PC and also has to look at your wrist performance through usable keyboards.

A nice keyboard can increase your performance of typing speed and other things too. So choose the best what you want to do with your keyboard for a long time.

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