10 Best In-Ear Monitors For Drummers in 2021 – Review

So, you’re looking for the best in-ear monitor for drummers, right? But still in confusion about to select which is the best in-ear monitor for electronic drums? Don’t worry, in this article, you will get the total guide with the top 10 in-ear monitor headphones review.

Drummers use ear monitors as a tool, even if a drummer isn’t in a band he can use an ear monitor jamming along with new songs in his potential set-lists.

Ear monitors filter out the highest decibels of the drum kit and it allows them to listen without having crank at a dangerous level.

In-ear monitors let the drummers listen to the rhythm from each piece of music which is a clicking sound that is synchronized to the beat of the pre-recorded parts.

If you’re a drummer and don’t want to damage your hearing than the price you’ll spend on it will be worth your ears because ear monitors deliver consistently clear sound to you on stage.

       Best In-Ear Monitors For Drummers – Top 10 Picks


1. CCA C10 Five Drivers Hybrid In-ear Monitors

Best In-ear Monitors For Drummers

CCA C10 Five Drivers Hybrid In-ear Monitors - Best In-ear Monitors For Drummers

Specifications of CCA C10 Five In-ear Monitors
Drive unit5
Frequency range7Hz-40000Hz
Cable length1.2m±3cm
Plug typeLine type
Pin type2PIN 0.75MM

CCA C10 Five In-ear Monitors Review

Let start with our first ear monitors for drummers, this is CCA C10 from H HIFIHEAR. It’s one of the best brands of in-ear monitors for drummers. This hi-fi outfit is available in 6 different finishes & Ten hybrid driver designs with Five on each earpiece.

You must need a comfortable earpiece which can carry easily and also effective at canceling noise. As I said, this best in-ear monitor for drummers built for comfort, it features detachable cables that’ll allow you to go wireless by using a 0.75mm 2-pin Bluetooth adapter.

The cable is used on it made of 5N 4-core silver plated wire, the handling of the wire is also good for soft & supple material is used in this wireless in-ear monitor system. So you don’t need to worry about the cable will be curled afterward.

The performance of this best in-ear monitor system must amaze you. It featured with exclusive features for providing the best performances with its five drivers on each side, one dynamic driver & four balanced armature drivers. Though the cables are well made off, it also allows us to repair or change the cables if causes any issues.

Noise cancellation is the main key for an ear monitor & this CCA C10 can cancel noises at 108dB through the in-built MEMS noise-canceling technology. It used silicon tips that isolate outer sounds perfectly. The frequency response rate of its ranging from 7-40000Hz with an impedance of 32 ohms.

Reason For Like It: Detachable strong cable & wireless connectivity make it outstanding for enjoying the music.
  • Isolate noises to en extent
  • Detachable cables
  • High sound quality
  • NO Mic
  • No carrying case

2. MEE Audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors

Best In-Ear Monitors for Drummers Under $100

MEE Audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors - Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers Under $100

Specifications of MEE Audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors
ModelMEE audio M6 PRO (EP-M6PROG2-BK)
Driver typeMoving coil
Drive size10mm
Sensitivity100±3 dB
Frequency range20Hz-20kHz
Cable length1.3m
Cable connector3.5mm, right-angle plug

MEE Audio M6 PRO Musicians’ In-Ear Monitors Review

A quality product at a lower price must be loved by everyone and this becomes possible by MEE audio M6 Pro. MEE audio makes the best products without compromising sound quality.

The design at crystal clarity makes is a handsome ear monitor. You can ensure the built quality while you can take a look inside of it and can check out all the intricate circuitry in charge of delivering the sound to your every ear. You can get it in only black color.

Each in-ear monitor has one cable and one is equipped with a microphone and remote control. You can detach both cables, both are touch in terms of durability and longevity.

You’ll always be comfortable as you’ll have seven options for ear tips. There are 6 made of silicon in this best in-ear monitors for singers and 1 made from foam. So you can choose anyone from it during uses and also can change whenever you want.

Sound quality is quite good but it may not quite live up to the expectations based on the visual features. The M6 Pro is great for reproducing bass frequencies and is able to isolate noises at a time.

Reason For Like It: It especially engineered for real-world reliability and sweat-resistant design will lead you to love it.
  • Cable can detach
  • Seven different sized ear tips
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lacks sparkle of treble frequencies

3. KZ ZS10 Pro in Ear Monitor Headphone For Drummers

Best In-Ear Monitors For Electronic Drums

KZ ZS10 Pro in Ear Monitor Headphone or Drummers - Best In-Ear Monitors For Electronic Drums

Specifications of KZ ZS10 Pro in Ear Monitor Headphone
Drive unit5
Frequency range7Hz-40000Hz
Cable type6N OFC detachable
Plug type3.5mm
Pin type0.75mm C Pin

KZ ZS10 Pro in Ear Monitor Headphone Review

The KZ ZS10 Pro by KINBOOFI comes with three pairs of ear tips as they care about the health and comfort of your ears.

You may feel this best IEM for drummers lightweight but the build quality is strong enough for durability because the shells are made of resin plus stainless metal.  It used metal stainless steel faceplate that made this earphone for drummers fashionable than plastic material IEMs.

As much rich bass, you’ve in your ear monitor, you’ll have many performances. It got a double magnetic dynamic at a 10mm double driver. So with this best driver, you can feel your music sessions.

Every vocal of your music will be more natural and well-controlled with zero distortion. Sound leak always is lower with a good noise isolation rate.

As much as it fits in your ears, you can feel better sounds. Each instrument separate and can adjust as your wish. It used detachable 2 pin OFC, this design can fix the cable if it gets destroy anyhow.

This best custom IEM for drummers runs sensitivity at 111dB.  There are 4 balanced armatures and 1 dynamic driver that delivers actual music on your ears.

Reason For Like It: You can control it only by 1 button that’s so easy to use & 2 pin cable design also made it easier to change the cable.
  • Balanced overall sound
  • Wire/wireless both can be used
  • Inexpensive
  • No adapters
  • Foam tips

4. BASN Bsinger PRO In-Ear Monitors for Musicians

Best Custom In-Ear Monitors For Drummers


BASN Bsinger PRO In-Ear Monitors for Musicians - Best Custom In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

Specifications of BASN Bsinger PRO
ModelBASN Bsinger PRO
Drive unit2
Frequency range20Hz-20000Hz
Cable length47 inch
Plug type3.5 mm L-Type Jack
Pin type1 MMCX

BASN Bsinger PRO Review

This is another low priced ear monitors for those whose budget is poor and also wants to look really good. This is BASN Bsinger PRO which is superb in-ear monitors available, featuring a breezy see-through plastic casing which shows the circuitry inside of it.

The cables can detach easily and it includes handwoven & plated with silver. BASN made this professional in-ear monitor for drummers so ergonomic, so people can wear it for a long time at a stretch without having any problem.

Each in-ear earbud can cancel noises to enjoy your music smoothly. There are 5 different ear tips to choose from as user required, these soft silicone ear tips can block noise up to 25dB.

You may think that the sound quality won’t be good but you’ll astonish when you’ll get miraculous sound coming out of them. Each ear monitors equipped with 2 separate sound drivers, 1 for higher and the other is for lower frequencies.

So you can use not only for drum but also for the ability to meet all musical instruments like guitar, keyboard, bass and etc.

It used MMCX connector cables that provide lower resistance, yielding a high-frequency response. So you’ll have clear sound as it invented to hear. These connectors are detachable with pinpoint, you can detach or can change them for a new one as you want.

At last, you’ll get a 20-20000Hz frequency response with 1/8 inch audio that can be used on most monitoring devices.

Reason For Like It: You must like it when you see the crystal clear outer look of it at blue & the price tag will also amaze you.
  • Very low priced
  • Great cutting edge cosmetics
  • Carrying case
  • Average sound quality

5. Shure SE215-CL Isolating In-ear Earphones For Drummers

Best Drummer In-Ear Monitors


Shure SE215-CL Isolating In-ear Earphones For Drummers - Best Drummer In Ear Monitors

Specifications of Shure SE215-CL Isolating In-ear Earphones
ModelShure SE215-CL
Drive unit1
Frequency range22 Hz – 17.5 kHz
Cable length46b inch
Plug type3.5mm
Bluetooth & Battery5.0 / 10 hours

Shure SE215-CL Isolating In-ear Earphones Review

Here is one of the most established in-ear monitors, from one of the best manufacturers when there are lots of brands on the market with low qualities. We’re talking about Shure SE215-CL, It’s one of the best isolating earphones for drummers with a single dynamic MicroDriver.

If we compare this product it’s competitively priced and quite lots of bangs are waiting for you in it. Sounds will be good to your ears as it used a single dynamic Hi-def driver, deep bass will amaze you in a convenient way.

Noise cancellation must be concerned for a drummer for enjoying the tunes, this SE215 block out the noises up to the 37dB mark.

If your kit fits in your ears you get what you want from a driver & this in-ear monitor 3 sizes of flex black foam sleeves, install the fittable one and comforts of this best Shure SE215 ear monitor.

The connectivity & durability will amaze you because of its durable cables and they’re also detachable.  You can also use Bluetooth connectivity to connect it with your devices, up to 10 meters you can connected wit it via BlueTooth with 10mhours of durable battery life.

Reason For Like It: Durable battery life and Blueooth connectivity provide extra advantages.
  • Easy to wear
  • Available 5 colors
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Little boomy in the bass

6. Etymotic Research ER3SE Studio In-Ear Earphones

Wired In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

Etymotic Research ER3SE Studio In-Ear Earphones - wired in ear monitors for drummers

Specifications of Etymotic Research ER3SE Studio In-Ear Earphones
ModelEtymotic Research ER3SE
Drive unitBalanced
Sensitivity102dB SPL
Frequency range20Hz – 16kHz
Cable length4ft
Plug type1/8″
Pin typeMMCX

Etymotic Research ER3SE Studio In-Ear Earphones Review

An in-ear monitor that performs highly especially for a noise-isolation system that’s Etymotic Research ER3SE and this system was invented by this brand over 30 years ago for providing exact sounds to ear canals. Etymotic means “True to the ear”, which means you’ll have true sounds what you expect.

These gold standard ear monitors for drummers utilize the balanced armature drivers for high definition sounds & Its for those who demand the highest fidelity. It’s a mid-range product under 200 bucks that can tune extremely tight tolerance specs for the best accurate sound reproduction on the market.

This best in-ear monitor for drummers comes at a sleek design with a metallic body that means a strong surface is available for long durability. Cables can be detached easily if they get damage but if you use them carefully they will last long. For detaching the cables just pull them not twist remember that for healthy stability.

A better experience can be enjoyed by twisting the earphone into the ears until outside noise is blocked out perfectly.

Reason For Like It: Though it looks simpler than other ear monitors the metallic build potency and noise isolation system leads me to like it.
  • Metallic body
  • Highest noise isolation
  • Great separation in the mids
  • Highs can be harsh
  • Cheap for reference in-ears

7. Westone AM Pro 10 In-Ear Musicians’ Monitors

Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers Under $200


Westone AM Pro 10 In-Ear Musicians’ Monitors - Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers Under $200

Specifications of Westone AM Pro 10
ModelWestone AM Pro 10
Drive unit1
Sensitivity114 dB @ 1mW
Frequency range20Hz – 16kHz
Cable length128cm
Plug typeMMCX 3.5 stereo

Westone AM Pro 10 In-Ear Musicians’ Monitors Review

The Weston AM Pro 10 is a heavier and little larger than other in-ear monitors at a size of 8 x 9 x 5 inches with a weight of 0.7 ounces. The size won’t hamper your wear of it, it feels so comfortable. This ear monitor comes with multiple sizes of comfort ear tips, each ear tip fits on the ear canal perfectly with 0 noise isolation rate.

The performance of this best in-ear monitor for musicians depends on the sound quality and noise reduction capability. Though this IEM earphone has only one driver, it is well rated by professional drummers.

That means this ear monitor does its job perfectly with quality sounds in the 20Hz-16kHz frequency rate. The built quality is also great as it made of quality material and the cable is also well made for long durability.

When you’re a professional performer you just need a clean, crisp, and sharp sound range then this best drum in-ear monitor is for you to full fill your desire. As it amazing, you can wear it hours of hours at a stretch without any problem

Your comfort zone will be in your ear when you fit the tips on the ear canal, silicone, and foam ear tips make sure the perfect fitted on the ear and it also enhances the noise isolation to providing perfect effects on the ears.

Reason For Like It: You’ll feel enough stage volume to feel connected with the music.
  • Best sound quality
  • Comfortable earbuds easy to put on
  • Short cable

8. BASN Bmaster In-Ear Monitors Earbuds

Best Budget In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

BASN Bmaster In-Ear Monitors Earbuds - Best Budget In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

Specifications of BASN Bmaster In-Ear Monitors
ModelBASN Bmaster Monitor Earbuds
Drive unit3
SensitivityUp to 30dB
Frequency range18Hz-22000Hz
ConnectionWired with mic
Plug typeMMCX 3.5mm

BASN Bmaster In-Ear Monitors Earbuds Review

Now it’s the time of a powerful in-ear monitor for drummers and it’s really what I’m saying. This BASN Bmaster is especially powerful because of its Triple drivers and a balanced armature. The sound quality is incredible as lows are full, mids are clear, and high are punchy. It’s pretty decent to wear them for extended periods without fatigue.

The price of this best headphone for drummers also low but the build quality is also good & strong. The buds and the cables are felt pretty sturdy as they have no cheap materials.  It also used adjustable memory hooks, so the use of it is so easy.

There are nine options available for different pairs of ear tips, so choose the right one which fits perfectly on your ears thus you can enjoy every single bass.

It’s not only built for music but also made for normal uses like its have a built-in microphone for phone calls, so make calls, listen to music or podcasts, and other things too.

Each earbud has a great passive noise-isolation capability with the ability to block outer noises up to 30dB. For blocking noises you must choose the right ear tips which fit your ears perfectly.

Reason For Like It: Tripple driver, 9 options of ear tips & adjustable memory hook just exact combo for every drummer.
  • Perfect ergonomic
  • Comfortable and fit-able
  • Highest 9 options of tips
  • Some poor performance in the lowest frequencies.

9. FiiO FA7 Over The Ear Headphones

Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers Under $300


FiiO FA7 Over The Ear Headphones - Best In Ear Monitors for Drummers Under $300

Specifications of FiiO FA7 Over The Ear Headphones
ModelFiiO FA7
Drive unit4BA
Frequency range20 Hz-40k Hz
Cable length120cm
Plug typeMMCX 3.5mm

FiiO FA7 Over The Ear Headphones Review

You may think this one is costly but when you’ll know all about this in-ear headphone, you’ll think about increasing the budget you have.

The design of this good over ear headphone you must love, because it comes at DLP 3D printed way. It continuously consistent sound between the pairs and it reduced sonic resonances that allow the music to flow through unimpeded.

It has four drivers to provide you quality sounds & it’s tuned four-way crossover thus it can continuously give you explosive sound. Don’t worry about your skin or using it for a long time, Its made with German high-transparency resin especially mediacally design for ears. So it’s extremely durable for ear canals and resistant to discoloration.

It has 4 Knowles balanced armatures, so bass, mids, proven & treble doing their jobs at a time with full accuracy.

FiiO says this in-ear monitor is inspired by the nature for their design and colors. The red indicates the sign of the fiery sun, blue indicates the vast seas, the black indicates the quiet nights and the last white indicates the full moon.

The cable of this in-ear monitor is made of high-purity monocrystalline copper-plated silver wire that means its quite strong to continue and it also can detach & can replace with an MMCX design. It’s waiting for you with 13 pairs of ear tips for the perfect match of the ears.

Reason For Like It: I love it for its 3D amazing design and It also has everything.
  • Thick & deep sound
  • Fit & comfortable
  • A very good isolation system
  • 3D design
  • A bit sensitive to hiss

10. Sony IER-M7 In-Ear Monitor Headphones

Best Rated In-Ear Monitors For Drummers


Sony IER-M7 In-Ear Monitor Headphones - Best Rated In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

Specifications of Sony IER-M7 In-Ear Monitor Headphones
ModelSony IER-M7
Drive unit4BA
Sensitivity103 dB/mW
Frequency range5Hz-40,000Hz
Cable length3.94′ / 1.2 m
Plug typeGold plating 2x MMCX

Sony IER-M7 In-Ear Monitor Headphones Review

This is Sony IER-M7, Sony is a well-renowned brand established in Japan in 1946. As it’s a well-renowned brand their product always best at the quality. It is made of a glossy plastic case and it also carries lightweight. The design of this ear monitor has just plain black face nothing much.

The cables are made of plastic-coated and they feel supple and pliable.

The sound quality won’t compromise any lackings as it got BA setup IEMS, they sound quite balanced way for your bit of fun. The bass is remarkable because it sounds like a DD from the BA driver. You won’t feel over boosted as the mids are great forwarder and give nice details to vocals.

Sounds will be more natural because of effective silicon tips, bass quantity decreases significantly. It comes with triple comfort tips, the bass will increase a bit more in the mid in the rest of the spectrum.

You’ll have less distortion with the performance of the audio grade film capacitor built in the cross-over circuit and its much powerful than ceramic capacitors.

Reason For Like It: It’s the best brand and the quality too. The design may not impress you but the sound quality will do its duty if you’re a true drummer.
  • Great texture & control
  • Sounds like DD bass
  • Airy highs without being sibilant
  • Sturdy build
  • Normal design
  • Costly
  • Require power to really shine

Things To Consider When Buying The Best In-Ear Monitors For Drummers

When you’re a professional drummer/performer you just need an ear monitor for best support on your performance, to get the right ear monitors you can follow these qualities:

Sound Quality

Before buying the best in-ear monitor for drummers you should be guided on the best sound quality. So you should buy ear monitors with a healthy blend of frequencies.

Sound Isolating

Outer sounds will distract you from enjoying your music, if your in-ear monitors have the highest isolating system it’ll be great for enjoying only music when you put them on your ears.

Comfortable & Perfect Fit

Your pair of monitors will be enjoyable if they fit on your canals, for the perfect fit, there are lots of ear tips of different sizes. So choose the right one with lots of options.

Design and Durability

Sometimes durability depends on designs too. When it comes to fashion you can get a splendid design, materials also fact for the design & metallic design is the key for long durability.


The wired type in-ear monitors for drummers are connected by cables and they are bound limited by the size of the cable and it against freedom of movement, but wired deliver greater reliability and consistency of performance via IEM systems.

On the other hand, wireless in-ear monitors for drummers have full freedom for moving here and there on the stage easily. The main fact here is about the durability of the battery.

Some ear monitors can enjoy both systems at a time.

Unit of Drivers

As much as drivers you can use in your in-ear monitors you’ll have quality frequencies and performance. Each monitor can pack  1-8 drivers and they vary with the cost, more drivers will cost more too.

Final Words

Your drumming sessions will be enjoyable by choosing the right in-ear monitors. Here are top 10 best in-ear monitors for drummers options are available with different budgets, build quality, frequency range, number of drivers, Bluetooth connectivity, and many more. So deep sounds can be your best enjoyment on the ear canals by getting the right one. You can also suggest us for more.

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