10 Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 in 2020- Reviews

Having a great keyboard is always makes any gamer perfection good in the time of gaming. For a gamer, the keyboard acts like actionable things. You may already know, a gaming keyboard makes a huge difference. If you want to spend a little money to buy the best gaming keyboards under 50, so here you are in the right place.

If you are bearing an old keyboard that has irresponsible with the keys, causes of some complication, then it’s the time to replace the gaming keyboard with a better one.

Sometimes, the best cheapest gaming keyboard can make a huge difference between winning or losing. Thanks to the top keyboard brands like Corsair, Redragon, or BlueFinger to serve some top-level gaming keyboard in budget and make gamers perfection.

Whatever your budget, you can get a great budget match gaming keyboard at any price based on their performance, even there have some cheap combo packs that are awesome for entry-level steps.

In this guide, we concentrate our best to look at the best gaming keyboards that will cost less than $50. Honestly, you can get a great keyboard within this budget. Of course, that will not knock off the performance. The keyboards we have listed here are superb quality, great gaming performance, and best value of money.

Sounds Good! Let’s find out some best keyboards that will cost less than $50.


1. Corsair K55 – Best Budget Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard - best gaming keyboards under 50

  • Connection Type: Wired
  • Connectivity: USB 2.0 Type-A
  • Hardware Connectivity: USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 18.90 x 6.60 x 1.40 inches
  • Switch Type: Outemu Blue Switches
  • Weight: 1.80 pounds


If you are looking for the best mechanical keyboard under $50 that is generally considered for gaming, the Corsair K55 is the top and popular keyboard. With up to 6 programmable keys, this keyboard placed itself on the top of the list of the cheap gaming keyboard.

However, that’s not at all. There have more exceptional features in this keyboard for gaming to look forward to. Corsair constantly serving its top-level products and K55 isn’t different from them. It features a dynamic RGB backlighting system across three zones.

The colors and lighting effects are customizable for a great experience in the gaming session. The media controls constantly give you direct control over your audio without having any interrupt your gaming session.

As expected from a $50 keyboard, up to IP42 protection guards resist dust and spill and don’t mischief your gameplay. Corsair K55 gaming keyboard includes rubberized and detachable wrist rest that can give you a basic level rest to reduce stress during longer gaming sessions.

Elsewhere, Corsair didn’t include USB passthrough on the K55 keyboard like most other keyboards in this price range. It’s disappointing, but it’s just one of the cons to going will a cheap keyboard.

There are many budget-friendly RGB gaming keyboards under $50 in the market with a decent performance, but few of them offer as such high quality and most features as the Corsair K55. If you are looking for a quiet gaming keyboard in the budget, then K55 is a great option.

Why Corsair K55 Gaming Keyboard is Best:

  • Three zones dynamic RGB backlighting
  • Included 6-programmable macro keys for powerful key remaps
  • Up to IP42 protection guards to resist dust and spill
  • Detachable and rubberized wrist rest pad for comfort
  • Direct control over your audio by dedicated volume and media controls
  • Enabled powerful CORSAIR iCUE software for vivid RGB lighting control
  • Quiet and responsive keys for comfortable typing

  • Detachable soft rubber for wrist rest
  • Up to 6 programmable macro keys
  • Dedicated volume and media controls
  • Quiet, responsive keys
  • It is not mechanical
  • Rubber dome keys

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2. Cooler Master Devastator 3 – Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo

Cooler Master Devastator 3 - Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo under 50

  • Product Name: Devastator 3
  • DPI: 4 levels
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • LED Backlight: 7 colors (Both keyboard & mouse)
  • Lighting Mode: Full backlit and pulsating mode
  • Keyboard Dimensions: 456 x 185 x 35.5mm
  • Mouse Dimensions: 119 x 70 x 36mm


Devastator 3 combo has been built with the next-generation Devastator popular gaming keyboard and mouse set. This combo set is great for under $50. I know you are here for just a keyboard. But honestly, this combo set offers you an ergonomic design of keyboard and mouse combo at a low price at the same time.

The ergonomic ultra-flat mouse is really going above and beyond what you’re probably thinking you’ll get with a combo this inexpensive set. It’s highly accurate with an adjustable DPI up to 2400 and a high-precision mouse wheel.

This USB gaming keyboard features 3 preset DPI levels which are great options for most types of gaming. It’s highly recommended for the majority of PC gamers. The mouse also featured with 2 thumb buttons along the left side. It also supports with rubber grips on both sides near the front.

However, the keyboard of Devastator 3 also really great for gamers. As expected, the keyboard is made of plastic with the membrane-based keyboards. Manufacturers kept a gap between the top surface and the PCB.

The keys actually feel a little bit mechanical by offering a more tactile feel than most other membrane keyboards. With the dedicated media buttons, you can customize the volume and change songs easily.

All in all, the Cooler Master Devastator 3 that comes with keyboard and mouse combo, can get just of $45! That’s hard to refuse this combo deal and make a purchase for an awesome budget.

Why Devastator 3 Combo is Best:

  • Ergonomic style
  • 7 Color LED Backlit Mode: Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Light Blue, Yellow, and White
  • 6 Multimedia Keys for quick access
  • Comes with adjustable DPI (800-2800 DPI Mouse with 5 Buttons)
  • Anti-slide rubber pads on the bottom side
  • Laser-etched and grip coated keycaps

  • Great keystroke feedback
  • 7-color LED backlight
  • Durable laser-etched symbols
  • Bright LED lights for all lighting conditions
  • Includes dedicated multimedia keys
  • Unresponsive controls of backlighting

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3. Eagletec KG010 – Best Mechanical Keyboard Under $50

Eagletec KG010 - Best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 dollars

  • Brand: EagleTec
  • Switches: Mechanical (blue)
  • Dimensions: 17.6 x 7 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds


EagleTec KG010 is one of the best mechanical keyboards under $50. There have many different types of colors in this keyboard model from EagleTec. Make sure you check them all before purchasing your chosen one.

The ergonomic industrial design of this keyboard that can support high comfort when you are totally intense to your gaming session. Because of its 104-keys format, it stands out in this budget-friendly gaming keyboard list.

The custom mechanical switches designed for long durability and responsiveness. Thanks, these mechanical keyboards that support audible click sound, medium resistance, and tactile bump feedback.

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However, there is a huge variety of RGB lighting on this gaming keyboard. Including a black body with RGB options and white body with RGB backlighting options. This blue backlighting gaming keyboard is one of the best options for gamers at this time.

With up to 104-keys, you can be sure to get a lot of functions from this budget-friendly keyboard. The mechanical design ensures you to be more impressive, long durability, and efficiency.

Although, the EagleTec KG010 doesn’t provide some features that the no. 1 keyboard provides in this list. But, it’s damn sure that this keyboard can be an entry-level mechanical keyboard just for $50 at all.

You have to keep in mind that, there are a few options to use the backlighting with 6 different colors. On the other hand, there have also alternative options with no backlighting and some have only one backlighting feature.

Overall, If you are looking for a solid mechanical and good looking keyboard with RGB lighting and a full pack of 104-key that can cover your gaming needs, then EagleTec KG010 might be your best bet. If you have a tighter budget, check out some other options that we include below.

Why EagleTec KG010 Mechanical Keyboard is Best:

  • Comes with a 104-key mechanical gaming keyboard
  • Constructed of Aircraft-Grade Aluminium
  •  ABS with plate-mounted mechanical keys
  • Compatible with Windows, OS and limited Mac support
  • Backlighting with anti-ghosting keyboard
  • WIN key can be disabled in the time of gaming
  • Spill-resistant and non-slip ergonomic design

  • Aluminum and ABS construction
  • Blue LED illumination adjustable lighting
  • Availability of huge variety color
  • Anti-ghosting
  • The switch is not great so on
  • Not have wrist support
  • Much expensive

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4. Velocifire M87 – Mac Layout Mechanical Keyboard

Velocifire M87 - Mac Layout Mechanical Keyboard under 50

  • Brand: Velocifire
  • Model: M87
  • OS support: Mac OS
  • Connection Type: USB 2.0
  • Keycaps: ABS Painting and Laser
  • Weight: 1.42 pounds
  • Cable: 150 cm


Velocifire M87 is mainly designed with Mac layout mechanical keyboard. This keyboard can pairs automatically with your Mac. SO, it’s not so tough to connect and work. The Mac layout and firmware designed matched with exquisite.

For your interest in looking for a Mac keyboard, this M87 is a great choice. With 87-key console format, you may believe that your PC or layer console will support fine.

For this price, this M87 has decent features. Especially, when I compared this M87 with other Mac keyboards. As like, the play feature makes it supportive to use. The white LED backlights are also a nice touch.

No need of Mac configurations to use this keyboard, just plug and play. This 100% Mac firmware compatible designs with Mac mechanical keyboard. The anti-ghosting key feature provides the consequence commands and keystrokes to register without any delay.

The slope angle keycaps ensure your fingers to feel more comfortable when you use the keyboard. The cables of this mechanical keyboard are well designed with sufficient thickness and giving reasonable flexibility.

Velocifire M87 mechanical keyboard is really suitable for programmers, editors, and others who spend much of their time typing with keyboards. This keyboard provides faster typing sessions to improve accuracy.

The dedicated smart charging system allows charging and typing simultaneously at the same time. Overall, this wireless mechanical keyboard under $50 is still a pretty good and best option.

Why Velocifire M87 Mechanical Keyboard is Best:

  • Designed with Mac layout and firmware
  • Compatible with iMac, MacBook, Mac mini, Mac Pro
  • Adjustable white backlight illumination
  • Optimized key travel distance with brown switch
  • Simple ergonomic keyboard design
  • USB-C interface without any driver required
  • No requirement of Mac configurations

  • Mechanical brown switches
  • Compact layout
  • Automatic pairs with Mac
  • Don’t require an extra driver
  • White backlighting and sleek design
  • Exceptional battery life
  • No number pad
  • Desired wireless range

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5. Redragon K552 Kumara – Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Under $50

Redragon K552 Kumara - Mechanical Gaming Keyboards Under $50

  • Brand: Redragon
  • Model: K552
  • Dimensions: 354 x 123 x 37 inches
  • Switches: Outemu Blues
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 1.8 m
  • OS Support: Windows XP,Vista,7,8,10
  • Weight: 2.16 pounds


Redragon is a decent mechanical keyboard around the keyboard market tactile switches. This is an outstanding gaming keyboard for its durability and ABS construction. This compact mechanical keyboard is surely the best one for coders, gamers, writers, and so on.

However, the most impressive feature of this best budget gaming keyboard is the Red RGB adjustable backlighting. It also allows you to set lighting suits on your mood at any time. With 87-keys and 12 multimedia keys, this tenkeyless keyboard can be triggered by pressing the (Fn) key itself.

I found less resistance with the Outemu Blue Switches of this mechanical keyboard that are advertised as Cherry MX Blue Clones. But, the sounds are different and much louder compared to the original Cherry MX Blues.

Thanks to the aluminum plate that sits behind the RGB lit keys to support. The full RGB backlighting of this keyboard is a little bit near-identical Aukey KM-G9. I always give priority to gaming performance when I am reviewing these gaming keyboards.

Honestly, You will be happy to know that this K552 has a great gaming performance. In addition, the compact ergonomic design features with custom mechanical switches.

Overall, Redragon K552 is a great budget mechanical keyboard under $50 for gaming and work. This keyboard supports Windows and Mac operating systems. So, isn’t it one of the best gaming keyboards in this list of under $50?

Why Redragon K552 Mechanical Keyboard is Best:

  • Perfect mechanical keyboard for office use and gaming
  • Designed with great durability and responsiveness
  • Compact Ergonomic Design, High-Quality Durable Metal-ABS Construction
  • Custom Mechanical Feeling Keyboard Switches
  • Tenkeyless space-saving design
  • Outemu blue key switches

  • Decent mechanical switches
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Interchangeable Arrow and WASD keys
  • Cheap and Cheerful
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Limited Features and customization
  • Keycaps could be a little bit thicker

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6. BlueFinger – Most Ergonomic Mechanical Computer Keyboard

BlueFinger - Most Ergonomic Mechanical Computer Keyboard

  • Brand: BlueFinger
  • Connectivity: Wired (USB 2.0)
  • Color: Gaming Keyboard + Mousepad
  • Dimensions: 26.00 x 24.00 x 3.00 inches
  • Weight: 2.00 pounds
  • Operating System: Windows XP/vista/8/7/10


The BlueFinger Mechanical keyboard is one of the most impressive keyboards for the budget of under $50. This high-quality and reasonably priced keyboard comes with excellent and amazing colors with an appropriate layout.

The backlight of this ergonomic keyboard comes with three different color options which include red, blue, and purple. To switch the available backlight colors only requires pressing two keys that are listed in the user manual.

This excellent looking budget gaming keyboard plays the part with its USB wiring, durable, and high-quality components. Featured with fashionable surface design, it has a tri-color LED backlight that makes this keyboard exceptional.

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For just under 50 dollars, this gaming keyboard has been designed for serious gamers and provides the best performance at an affordable price. Not only this keyboard performs well, but also the design of this keyboard looks excellent.

BlueFinger Mechanical Keyboard is compatible with all Windows and OS versions. With a rating of up to 4 million strokes of the keys, this durable keyboard is awesome to use for gaming.

Just for under 30 dollars, this is the most durable ABS gaming PC keyboard for gamers. This extreme keyboard is compatible with any Windows and Mac OS. The tactile switches are more comfortable for quick gaming.

With the superb design, this ergonomic gaming keyboard has a customized mousepad. If you are searching for top gaming backlit Mechanical keyboards under 50 dollars, BlueFinger mechanical computer keyboard will be the great choice for any gamers.

Why BlueFinger Gaming Keyboard is Best:

  • Durable and high-quality ABS materials and USB wired keyboard
  • Designed with the crack surface to make it fashion and novelty
  • Added 10 multimedia hotkeys on the top of the keyboard
  • Easily changeable the backlit luminous mode by tapping Fn and PS?SL?PB keys

  • ABS Gaming Keyboard
  • Different typing styles
  • 10 multi-media hotkeys
  • Compatible Keyboard and mouse system
  • Up to 3 luminous backlight modes
  • You may find it quite loud
  • Not ideal for small desktops
  • A bit Heavy

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7. DREVO Tyrfing V2 – Customizable RGB Compact Gaming Keyboard Under $50

DREVO Tyrfing V2 - Customizable RGB Compact Gaming Keyboards Under 50

  • Brand: Drevo
  • Color: 87K-TKL keyboard
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Dimensions: 14.13 x 5.31 x 1.50 inches
  • Keys Count: 87 keys
  • System Requirements: Windows 7/8/10
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds


Drevo is a new name in the PC and gadget market. They are making their way slowly and steadily with their best product. It offerings some well-designed products to the global PC gaming community.

The Drevo Tyrfing V2 is the second version of the Tyrfing with RGB lighting. This keyboard has 87 keys of the Outemo Red switch version in the UK layout. Drevo doesn’t want to compromise on its quality of product and provide high-quality products at affordable prices.

With 14 different lighting modes and 16.8 million colors, Tyrfing V2 rendering personalize backlight keys through Drevo Tyrfing V2 software. This ergonomic 10 keyless keyboard ensures the utmost comfort and saves space for hands in the typing session.

Anti-ghosting, N-key Rollover allows you to control all keys independently. It also delivers an instant response in the maintaining time. The gold-plated USB connector, high-quality nylon USB cable prevents legends from any type of fading.

It’s not so tough to record your key-bindings with 5 programmable macro keys for quick actions. There have also media control and windows lock systems.

Why Drevo Tyrfing V2 Gaming Keyboard is best:

  • 14 different lighting modes with customizable RGB backlit.
  • Personalizable each key backlight through Drevo software.
  • 10 keyless ergonomic design
  • Anti-ghosting and N-key Rollover feature to control every key frequently.
  • 5 programmable macro keys to record key-bindings for quick actions.

  • Available in 6 different layouts: US/DE/UK/FR/IT/RU.
  • Best for entry-level gamers
  • Don’t have wrist support

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8. VELOCIFIRE TKL02 – Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboard

VELOCIFIRE TKL02 - Best Cheap Mechanical Keyboard under 50

  • Brand: Velocifire
  • Connectivity: US 2.0
  • Dimensions: 15.6 x 7.1 x 2.1 inches
  • Cable Length: 150 cm
  • Switch: Applied with CONTENT Brown Switches
  • Backlighting Color: Ice Blue
  • Switch: Outemu Brown Switch
  • Key Number: 87 keys
  • Weight: 2.58 pounds


There are many mechanical keyboards out in the market nowadays. But as an affordable and reliable gaming keyboard, you may consider Velocifire TKL02 mechanical keyboard that is really affordable and only sold for under $45.

Velocifire TKL02 Mechanical keyboard comes with a built-in battery at 1850mAh and wireless mode. It can last up to 21 days with a one time charge. This keyboard feels quite heavy with a weight of 990 grams and solid in the hands.

This durable mechanical keyboard is straightforward. The case of the keyboard is made from black plastic and has an indecent look. There is a couple of rubber on the tips of the keyboard and added an inclination to avoid slips on the surface.

As this mechanical keyboard is wireless, you don’t need to worry about wires that make your desk messy. This wireless system will make your desk clean. But, you only need to use wires when you need to charge your built-in battery keyboard.

On the other hand, it has a USB-C port where you can charge your keyboard. The Outemu Brown Switch of this wireless gaming keyboard is tactile and audible feedback. The keys are really responsive and the tactile sounds are nice to hear.

The maximum of gaming keyboards in this list are wired. But in this case, Velocifire Mechanical Keyboard is different. You can exceed your space in the limit and can keep your desktop free from tangled wires in the time of gaming.

As we say, you can use the keyboard in the time of charging by connecting through the USB cable, then the default wireless mode is switched automatically to wired mode. You have to note that, the backlighting will automatically turn off after one minute when it has been not using to save battery.

Overall, Velocifire Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best gaming keyboards for the beginner on a budget of less than $50.

Why Velocifire Mechanical Keyboard is Best:

  • Mainly designed for copywriters, programmers editors, and gamers
  • Simple ergonomic design and slightly curved keys
  • The comfortable and precise typing experience
  • Compact TKL layout for a better experience of space

  • Brown mechanical switches
  • Comfortable to type on
  • Mechanical brown switches
  • Durable with ABS material
  • Cheap switches
  • Tenkeyless
  • No Number Pad

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9. VicTsing – Wired Gaming Keyboard Under $35

VicTsing - Wired Gaming Keyboards under 50 dollars

  • Brand: VicTsing
  • Trigger Stroke: 2.00mm
  • Connectivity: Wired (USB 3.0)
  • Keystroke Strength:  60±10g
  • Hardware Platform: PlayStation, PC, Laptop
  • System Capability: Windows7/8/10, XP, VISTA, and Mac OS
  • Dimensions: 18.70 x 8.07 x 2.44 inches
  • Weight: 2.17 pounds


The VicTsing Gaming Keyboard is rare proof with Red Switches that is possible to get a reasonably good mechanical keyboard for under $35. It is also perfectly capable of most keyboard tasks. With anti-ghosting, it has a full of 104-key with wrist rest installed.

The keyboard also has a dynamic Red LED backlighting with red switches features. The kickstand can elevate the keyboard to a 6-degree angle and the wrist rest comes with a removable advantage.

The white logo and “Mechanical Gaming Keyboard” printed word is located on the top. This one makes this keyboard some sort of model name. Moreover, this keyboard also called “Red Dragon” or “Inferno”  because of its extraordinary feature.

As far as the typing session, I felt very comfortable with the keyboard. However, the keys are too quick. With this keyboard, you are able to type an average of 75 words per minute instead of 65-68 WPM in the normal stage.

Of course, the most important feature of a mechanical keyboard is key switches. But as an extra feature, it has a pure gaming atmosphere throughout red pure LED backlight.

However, the VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is really impressive and a nice complement to any computing system. It is great for any sort of task you can do with it.

If you are looking for a great Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that costs less than $50, then this VicTsing Mechanical keyboard will be definitely a better option.

Why VicTsing Mechanical Keyboard is Best:

  • Superb LED backlighting with 20 pre-programmed lighting modes
  • Lightweight, Comfortable, Ergonomic, Durable and Detachable wrist rest
  • Added 12 multimedia shortcuts to control audio without interrupting your game
  • Quick access to specific programs or functions
  • High-quality durable ABS structure to ensure the long term service of the keyboard
  • Supportable with Windows7/8/10, XP, VISTA, and Mac OS
  • 18-month warranty and a 30-day money-back guaranty of the keyboard

  • Anti-Ghosting
  • Quiet, responsive and great look
  • 12-multimedia shortcuts
  • 20 pre-programmed lighting modes
  • LED Patterns & Keypress effects
  • Non-slip Design

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10. NPET K10 – Best Gaming Keyboard Under $25 (Recommended)

NPET K10 - Best Gaming Keyboards Under 50 dollars(Recommended)

  • Brand: NPET
  • Keyboard Interface: USB
  • Type: Wired
  • System Supported: Windows 10/8/7/XP/VISTA, Mac OS, etc
  • Style: Multi-color LED
  • Dimensions: 17.32 x 5.51 x 0.98 inches
  • Weight: 2.03 pounds


The NPET K10 gaming keyboard is for an ultimate gaming experience. The keys of this keyboard have high-quality caps and a protective ultraviolet coating. This beautiful creation of NPET allows you to type or game quietly without irritating others.

The backlight comes with adjustable brightness for accurate gaming mode at night. For a better gaming experience, this keyboard featured with up to twenty anti-ghosting keys that will allow you to strike other keys simultaneously.

As such, the NPET K10 gaming keyboard is the best for playing fast-action sports games and for heavy-duty typing in offices. If you have a small desk in your office or home and you want a clutter-free keyboard for long time use, then this is the best.

The beautiful rainbow backlight is adjustable yo reflect your mood with four LED backlight. Thanks to their UV-coated caps protection design that is gentle on the fingers. The fade-proof and anti-sweat coat protect the keys and keyboard from any type of damage from sweat, coffee, or water.

NPET K10 is looking like a professional gaming keyboard and seriously, it perfectly made for PC gaming. Instead of regular keyboards, this one has a different construction that ensures it lasts for a long time.

What about the ergonomically designed buttons? Yes, the ergonomic buttons allow you to smooth gaming without finger fatigue. It features with 104-keys, 26 non-conflict keys, and dedicated 13 multimedia keys that enable simultaneous pressing.

At only less than $25, it is the cheapest keyboard in our list. Yes, in this low budget, this hybrid keyboard includes several features as we described before. This durable product comes with 2 folding stands to keep your hands in a comfortable position.

Why NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard is Best:

  • 26 anti-ghosting keys and never miss a keystroke during the game
  • 13 multimedia keys combinations
  • Strong durability, ultra-thin floating keycap design
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/XP/VISTA, Mac OS, etc
  • 4 LED lighting backlit modes, breathing

  • Professional quality
  • Water-resistant design
  • ABS keycaps design
  • Responsible for all game players
  • Normal keys

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Best Gaming Keyboards Under $50 – Buyer’s Guide

What is Gaming Keyboard?

First of all, in this guide, let’s figure out what a gaming keyboard is. The simplest definition of the gaming keyboard is that it is specially made for gaming.

Manufacturers are creating many features of a gaming keyboard to boost your gaming performance. As an example, we can say, the keys are mechanical for reducing response time. The special feature is RGB backlights. We’re going to discuss RGB backlights later.

Types of Gaming Keyboard

Well, gamers are looking for some significant features on a gaming keyboard. Therefore, gamers like you, need to be the right one to ensure the most features one keyboard. Some of the most common gaming keyboards include all the things, spectrum, and MMO keyboards.

Depending on your gaming mode, you have to determine the keyboard that will be appropriate for you. Also, the keyboard that you want to select, depends on your gaming skills and experience level.

What to Look When Buying a Gaming Keyboard

The right gaming keyboard is really an important tool for any gamers like you to build a high-performing gaming desk. If you’re asking, what makes a gaming keyboard important, I am glad to answer that you asked.

When you want to buy a gaming keyboard, you have to consider three main things: the insides of the keyboard, availability customization options, and the size of the keyboard. And, we’re going to discuss all these three and more additional things to take note that have to consider when buying a gaming keyboard.

Mechanical Vs. Membrane

Many standards keyboards currently used membrane tech underneath each key. These Membrane-based keyboards are also a cheap thing to make. Most of the office keyboards of these days are membrane designed. Also, this membrane design applies a lot of low-end keyboards. But, if you are gaming geeky, you won’t enjoy much while playing your game using these membrane keyboards.

On the other hand, the mechanical keyboard comes with fun and heavy-duty gaming. These gaming keyboards are a throwback to old keyboard designs. They ensure your fingers to get a perfect motion when you are enjoying games. Normally, this mechanical gaming keyboard allows playing games with fun, perfect clicking, and feel outstanding.

If you like to play video games seriously, you need a mechanical keyboard for gaming. Many mechanical keyboards in the market can withstand 40-45 million clicks on their keys in their servicing life.

Keyboard Size

At this stage, you may have to know the perfect size of a gaming keyboard before purchasing one for you. May you’ve already noticed that some of the keyboards have a lot of keys than others.

Mainly, a full-size keyboard comes with 104-keys. This includes some multimedia functions with a dedicated num pad on the right side and four directional cursor keys.

For some gamers, the number pad looks like an unnecessary part of their keyboard as it puts more space between keys and mouse. But, if you think that a number pad is essential according to your needs, a full-sized keyboard is the best way to go on.


Anti-ghosting: what it means! Yes, when you input some keys at the same time and your board will instead register on a different key than you didn’t press, then this effect will help you. Not a big deal when you are a typing master. But when you are in a gaming session?

Any gaming keyboard must have anti-ghosting features. This is by utilizing a specific wiring design so it can stay away from the blended signs that are overflowing with ghosting. Some gaming consoles can disengage well known and explicit key zones against ghosting.

Bottom Line

Gaming keyboards are essential for a perfect and serious gamer. With premium and best gaming keyboards under $50, it becomes easy to achieve exceptional gaming. By choosing the above-reviewed gaming keyboards, you will ensure to enjoy a feel the game.

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