Your beard is getting longer? You want to cut off them or want to make them in good-looking shape. Then you need the best beard trimmer for longer beards.

Nowadays people are getting too busy to go to a barber for shaving their beards. Also, now it’s a trend to keep the beard in different looks as a man’s desire.

So if you have a trimmer, you don’t need to go to a barber and also don’t need to waste your time & money. You just need to choose the best rated beard trimmer & use it cut off your beard or just shape them in your own way and get fashionable.

Here we try our best to give you the best guidance of the best trimmer. The Best trimmer for best beards.

Best Beard Trimmer For Longer Beards

1. Panasonic Hybrid – Wet Dry Shaver, Trimmer

Panasonic Hybrid Wet Dry Shaver Trimmer

Brand: Panasonic

Model: ES-LL41-K

Dimensions: 2.5 × 1.9 × 6.1

Motor Type: Linear (13000 CPM)

Blade: 3 Blade

Angle: 45 degree

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Foils: 3 (micro-thin)

Sensor: Yes

Grip Type: Rubberize

LED Indicator: Yes

Pop-Up: Yes

Wet or Dry: Both Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Combs: 2

Combs Adjustment: 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm,5 mm,6 mm & 7 mm

Battery: Li-ion

Charging Time: 1 hour

Standby: 50 minutes

Weight: 5.47 oz (ca. 207 g)

The Panasonic shaver ES-LL41-K is the best creation of the arc3 family. It came with a lot of features and facilities which must attract you truly.

The features and facilities are given below. I hope you’re looking for them.


This trimmer has an incredible look of its own. Sleek design & special features make it one of the best trimmers in this era.

The color of the trimmer is fully black with a red edge.

A rubberized grip is used in it. So don’t feel worried about slept it accidentally causes a rubber grip won’t let it happen.

The head of the trimmer is perfect for your operations. It has 3 ultra-thin foil guards for the comforts of your skin.

The groomer is sliding which makes it more attractive.


This trimmer comes with 3 arc blades.

Though the functions of foils are separate, they work together for providing a smooth and clean shave.


Stainless steel blades are used in this. So these blades are more preferable than other blades.

State-of-the-art techniques are used in this beard trimmer. So these blades can cut off every single beard in a single pass. You won’t need another pass again.


This beard trimmer is perfect for your trimming your longer beards. You can edge them too.

There is a slide-up trimmer beside the trimmer.

You can keep your beard as long as you want. This Panasonic ES-LL42-K provides 2 attachable combs with it. So you can choose your style when you’re trimming.

Besides trimming, you can shave your beard as a clean shave. So it’s not only a trimmer but also a shaver too.


The new invention of the auto shaving sensor is applied in this beard trimmer.

This sensor can detect automatically the density of beard. So it can use its power high & low according to thicker and thinner beards.

So be cool about your different angles of beard density.

Trimmer’s head:

The head of the trimmer is flexible and so its foils can pivot in different directions. For the flexibility of foils, the shaving is very comfortable.

A flexible head can move in different directions and can reach any corner of your skin easily. So cutting off every single beard is so easy & after that, you can get a smooth shave.

Comb attachments:

Panasonic ES-LL41-K provides 2 combs with it.

With these combs, you can slide up your trimming with a great experience. You can select the accurate length of your beard through the left & right options.

These combs offer different size of trimming options, they are 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm,5 mm,6 mm & 7 mm. So choose your loving options and let the trimmer to do its work smartly.

Linear Motor:

For faster shaving, a trimmer must need a high-speed linear motor.

The Panasonic ES-LL41-K used a linear motor that provides a maximum speed of its motor to shave your beard fast and trimming too.

1 slide is enough don’t need it a second slap. Cause it used a 13000 CPM linear motor. Life is one so wasting of time is foolishness. This linear motor never let you to wast of your time. It can cut more hair in less time.

Don’t worry about the power of the battery is full or low, It gives the same speed during both powers.

Wet or Dry:

This trimmer is usable in wet or dry saving mode.

You can use it with water cause it’s waterproof. So easy it can use with foam, gel, cream. Soap, or water. During a short time, you can use it as a dry shaver too.


This groom is so easy to cleaning and maintain. It’s a waterproof trimmer. So the cleaning of its so easy.

You’ll find a cleaning brush with it. So the cleaning of it is so easy. Detach the foil cassette from the head and hold it in running water or rinse it in warm water.

Proper maintenance of the trimmer will make it long durable & workable.

LED Indicator:

A smart LED indicator is also used in it. They are showing:

  • Charging status
  • Battery status


This trimmer has long durability of Li-ion batteries.

After 1 full charge of it, you can run it up to 50 minutes for your continuous shaving & trimming. It’ll take 1 hour to charge it fully.


Philips Norelco Beard Trimmer

Brand: Philips

Model: Norelco 3500, QT4018/49

Color: Silver

Handle: Easy-grip

Blades: Dual

Blade Material: Titanium

Trimming Precision: 0.5 mm

Cutting Length: 20 length (0.5 mm-10 mm)

Length Adjustment: Wheel

Comb: 1

Comb Type: Stubble

Brush: 1

Cordless: Yes

Head Type: Detachable / Washable

Charging Time: 1 hour

Standby: 2 hours

Battery Indicator: No

Battery: 2x AAA NiMH

Philips is one of the best beard trimmers for a longer beard around the world. So you can ensure yourself that the Philips Norelco, QT4018/49 is perfect for your long beard.

The long durability of its battery will amaze you, cause it’s can run up to 2 hours easily.

Other specifications are given below.


The trimmer has a slim & simple design. So it’s so to use it in every corner of your skin. The power button is in the middle of the trimmer.

It has one comb and it can be set by a wheel in the middle of the trimmer. So you can easily set your beard length.


Philips Norelco 3500, QT4018/49 used dual titanium steel blades.

These blades are enough sharp to cut your longer beards smoothly without any irritations.

These blades of this beard trimmer are so friendly with the comb. You can size your beards 0.5 mm-10 mm.

It comes with 20 built-in precision hair length setting.

There is a wheel in the middle of the trimmer. Use the wheel to set the length of your beard. It can be set at 0.5 mm-10 mm in different sizes.

So don’t worry about any other setting or attachment and operate the trimmer as you want.

Cutting performance:

The Philips Norelco 3500 came with dual-titanium blades. They are so sharp to cut your long or tiny beards in every corner of your skin.

It’s so easy to use the trimmer with these blades.

You can’t do a clean shave with it, but you can trim your beards too down. As a trimmer, it’s best to trim your beards across every corner.

There are several options with the comb. You can set different sizes with the wheel & get a stylish look.

Feel free during trimming; it won’t irritate your skin at all.


It is not a waterproof trimmer, but you can clean it with water.

The head of this beard trimmer is detachable. So for cleaning it detach the head then rinse it in running water. Liquid soap or warm is preferable for hygienic clean.

You can clean it with the brush which is given with it. After rinsing, makes sure the dry of the head then put it back.

After that, you can add a bit of oil which helps it to run smoothly. Proper care of it will help it to last long.


The Philips Norelco 3500 used Li-ion rechargeable battery.

After once fully charged it will provide 2 hours of working efficiency. You’ll find very few trimmers like this long durability of battery life.

It’s a cordless trimmer. So don’t use it when its in charge. There is no battery indicator in it.



3. Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium-Ion Beard Trimmer

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium-ion trimmer

Brand: Wahl

Model: Lithium Ion+

Body Material: Stainless Steel

Blade Type: Precision T-Blade

LED Indicator: Yes

Nose Trimmer: Yes

Detail Trimmer: Yes

Storage: Zippered Case

Adaptor Voltage: 110v-220v

Combs: 12

Comb Type: Stubble

Comb Sizes: (2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 25)mm

Charging Stand: No

Charging Time: 1 hour

Standby: 4 hours

Waterproof: No

Weight: 0.8 lb (ca. 363 g)

Wahl brings the best beard trimmer kit. Lithium-ion+ is one of the best trimmers for longer beards. This is a deluxe multi-purpose trimmer.

Lithium-ion technology is used in this trimmer. It came with lots of features.


The design of the Wahl lithium-ion plus is incredibly simple.

The body of the trimmer is fully stainless steel. The power button is situated on the top of the trimmer. The button is made with soft rubber.

Behind the power button, there is a small LED indicator situated, which indicates the on or charging of it.

The detachable head is used in it. So you can use easily.

  • Trimmer’s head
  • Shaver’s head
  • Ear, nose & bowhead

Detail trimmer head:

This smaller trimmer blade is used to design your facial hair. With a larger blade, you can’t precise your hair.

You can use it when you want to cut your small hairs & make you look greater.

Detail shaver head:

The detail shaver head is used for cutting longer beards quickly.

Normally longer beard is harder to cut off, but with this Wahl Lithium-Ion plus is so easy. The detail shaver head is perfect to do its job.

Ear, nose & brow trimmer head:

If you have a braky nose & ear then this trimmer also allows you to them. Don’t worry about your inner skin, the skin will be safe.

Hair comb:

This comb is for a longer hair cut or longer beard cut. It has 7 sizes of attachments. Choose your size and give the shape of your longer beards.

The sizes for longer beards are 6 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm, 19 mm, 22 mm, 25 mm.

So feel happy to having long beards with unique shapes.

Stubble Combs:

The Combs are made with plastic and these are enough strong to flexes your beards during use.

Stubble combs came with 5 different sizes. These sizes are to keeping the beards in short length. The sizes are 2 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm, 8 mm.

Stubble beards are for stylish looks. And it also feels like a shaved face.

LED indicator:

Wahl Lithium Ion Plus has a smart LED indicator.

It provides information on charging & done of charge.


For cleaning the trimmer, you have to remove the trimmer head and then you can clean all parts easily.

You’ve to unscrew the blade and separate them. Though, it’s tough little. But after that, you’ll find the best performance of the blades, and they’ll last longer too.

The best performance you’ll find if you add some oil after cleaning.


For long-lasting battery life, the Wahl Lithium Ion Plus gives the best of it.

The durability of this battery is longer than other trimmers.

With 1 hour of full charge, it’s can run up to 4 hours easily. 1 minute of charge = 3 minutes standby! 100v-220v is usable in it.

It has no stand for charging. Below the trimmer is for charging, there is a port for the pin of the adaptor.

The length of the cable of the adaptor is enough big to use it in charging time. But for the best of battery life shouldn’t use it when it’s in the plug.



4. Braun Series 7 790cc-4 – Electric Foil Shaver

Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Razor for Men

Brand: Braun

Model: Braun Series 7 790cc

Blade Type: Foil Blade 3

Grip: Rubberized

Display: LED

Blades Run: 10000 RPMs

Flexibility: 40 Degrees

Usable: Wet & Dry

Charging & Cleaning Station: Yes (same)

Waterproof: Yes

Battery Type: Li-ion

Standby: 50 minutes

Voltage: 100V-240V

Barun Series 7 790cc is a smart shaver. Intelligent sonic & Auto sonic technology are applied in this trimmer.

It’s a foil style shaver that comes with charging & cleaning station.

This trimmer appearance with lots of features. If you want the best trimmer for you then these features for you.


Barun Series 7-790cc comes with an ergonomic design.

Don’t worry about the slip of it. The dual side of the trimmer is rubberized. These smooth grips are comfortable for any hand.

You’ll find a blue circular button on the bottom of the trimmer. This is for choosing shaver speed.

There is a smart status indicator at the bottom of it too. It shows the status of the battery level & also warns you it needs cleaning.


You can personalize your trimmer to have a batter shave.

There is a (+) & (-) button to set your choice. The light of the trimmer will indicate the power of the trimming session.

  • Dark blue for a powerful shave
  • Light blue for the normal shave
  • White is for a comfortable shave in sensitive areas.

For a clean and fast shave (+) setting is recommended.

Cutting performance:

The triple action cutting system is used in this trimmer. The head of the trimmer is made with foil. You’ll find triple cutting elements in these foils.

Don’t worry about miss any beard uncut. Those three elements keep them busy to cut the beards clearly if any blade gets fail others will just cut it.

Intelligent Sonic technology is used in this Barun Series 7. That’s means this tech is a smart tech cause with this technology you don’t need to pressure it for thicker hairs.

This technology is automatically increased or decrease its pressure after measuring the density of beards.

The power will increase over denser patches & also decrease its power at thicker hairs.

The trimmer can vibrate 10000 micro-vibrations per minute. These strokes will give you comfort and clean shave like a newborn skin on your face.

Shaving with cord:

If you have no time to recharge the trimmer and trimmer is also out of charge, you can use it through connecting it with an outlet cord.

But shaving with cord is harmful to your durability of the battery life.

Clean and renew station:

Barun series 7 790cc has a clean station of its own.

After the use of a trimmer, it needs to be clean. When it comes to (automatically) then it’ll be easy for time & physically too.

For cleaning the trimmer in its station, just put down the head of the trimmer into the reservoir. The indicator lights will show the cleaning figure.

It’ll work intermittently switching the shaver on & off.

The cartridge is made of hard plastic. The cleansing solution is alcohol-based. You’ve to replace it when the fluid gets empty. You’ll notify it by status light on the left side.


Long durability is an asset for a trimmer. When the points come to the Braun series 7 it has a long durable Li-ion battery.

Up to 50 minutes can use it with a once fully charged battery.

In a short time & the battery is dead, just 5 minutes of charging you can complete your trimming session.

It automatically begins to charge when it’s put on its station. It can be used through a cord that plugs directly.

100V-240V uses it to charge. So don’t worry about current anywhere in the world.


5. Remington PG6170 – The Crafter Men’s Groomer

Remington PG6170 Beard Groomer 

Brand: Remington

Model: PG6170

Body Material: Plastic

Blade Material: Titanium-coated stainless steel

Attachments: Foil shaver, comb, detail trimmer, NE trimmer

Stubble Combs: 5

Number of Length Setting: 9

Length Range: 2 mm – 20 mm

Waterproof: Yes

Battery Type: Lithium-ion

Standby: 3 hours

Charging Time: 2 hours

Charge Indicator: Yes

For long beards, you need a trimmer like a boss. Remington PG6170 cut the beard like a boss. It has a long duration capability of about 3 hours, which is enough for several days.


The color of the Remington PG6170 is matte black. The handlebar is bronze colored with a brushed finished. The body is made of plastic.

The power button is in the middle of the trimmer. The battery power indicator is under the power button. The extended neck will give you styling experience.

The combs are easy to attach and operate.


High-quality blades are used in this trimmer.

It has Titanium-coated stainless steel blades. The blades are self-sharpening. It enhances the comfort of skin comfort during trimming.


Remington comes with different sizes of combs. You just adjust the combs with your preferable length and see the magic.

The sizes of the combs are:

  • Fixed stubble combs are 5
  • An adjustable comb is 1 with 9 length setting
  • Mini foil 1
  • Arc detail trimmer is 1
  • Nose, ear & eyebrow trimmer is 1

Cutting performance:

The Remington PG6171 performs like a boss.

It can easily trim light hair, facial hair & stubble. 10 different length settings of combs can give you a 2mm – 20mm length range.

You can use the trimmer as a foil shaver. For sensitive skin, its titanium coating is more skin-friendly. It reduces the irritation of the skin.


This shaver is waterproof. So cleaning is so easy for it.

Remove the comb from the head then rinse it under running water. Warm water is more preparable. Then let it dry.


Remington PG6170 never compromise with the battery performance. They always give their best.

Lithium-ion battery technology is used in this trimmer. This tech won’t reduce cutting power at the lower level of the battery.

After one full charge of the battery, it can perform three hours. If you use turbo mode even you can run it for several weeks.

When you’re in a hurry & have no enough time, just let it 5 minutes for charging with this charge you can complete a session easily. It takes two hours to fully charge the battery.

We find it the best beard trimmer for its long durability of battery life.



6. Wahl LifeProof – Lithium-Ion Foil Shaver

Wahl Lifeproof Lithium Ion Foil Shaver

Brand: Wahl

Model: Lifeproof Shaver 7061-2201

Blade Type: Foil

Foils Type: Flexible

Blade Material: Stainless Steel

Blades: 3

Usable: Wet or dry both

Hand Grip: Rubberized

Waterproof: Yes (up to 1 meter)

Shockproof: Yes

Charging Indicator: LED Battery

Type: Lithium-ion

Charging Time: 1 Hour

Standby: 90 Minute

Wahl is an American beard trimmer brand. They are giving their best from 1919. So the base of the company is dynamic to provide the best trimmers.

Wahl Lifeproof Shaver 7061-2201 is one of the best trimmers for longer beards.

The specialty of this trimmer is given below. The design is like a heavier but the performance is coolest.


The Lifeproof Shaver head is made of foils for comfortable shave than other blades.

There is an LED display at the bottom of the trimmer for indicating the charging status and travel lock engaged. The power button is in the middle of the trimmer.

Holder sides are made of ergonomic rubber grips. So never worry about the slip of it.


The trimmer blades type is a foil.

It has three rows of silver metallic foils.
There is a dual floating shaver head. These foils are flexible.

During cutting beards these foils find every single stubble of beard and cut them.

Flexible foils can easily go in each corner of your skin and can cut every single beard.

Travel lock:

This trimmer has a travel lock. It’s used during travel with it in your luggage.

During traveling, it can turn on by chance. This lock is helpful in this case. It’ll not turn on until you turn on the travel lock.

Durability and Ergonomics:

The rubberized handgrip is ergonomic so it easily fits any hand. This grip also saves from electric shock.

Accidentally anything can happen it can slip out from the hand. Extra durability comes from high impact shock-proof housing.

This shaver is waterproof too. So you can rinse it in water.


It has no clean station. You’ve to clean it manually. You’ll find 1 brush with it. With this brush, you can clean it.

It’s a waterproof shaver. For better clean, you can rinse it in running water. Then dry it for the next use.

Shaving Type:

There are two types of shaving one is wet shaving & the other is dry shaving.

In this case, this trimmer is designed to shave dry or with water.


The Wahl Lifeproof Shaver 7061-2201 comes with Lithium-ion batteries.

It takes 1 hour to fully charge. With a full charge, you can run it up to 90 minutes. This duration is enough for several times to use.

During a short time, you can use it 5 minutes just with 1 minute of charge.


After all, a beard trimmer is a valuable tool to help you to make proper looking at your beard.

Which beard trimmer do you use? We would love to hear from you.

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