Apple Airpods Pro Review [The Best Airpods For iPhone]

Apple released its true Airpods Pro which delivers active noise cancellation, much better sound, better Airpod case, and fit. Apple improves its design compared to the original Airpods.

The main considerable feature of the new Airpods Pro is Effective noise-canceling, better sound, solid battery life, wrapped up in a tiny size.

This is the most popular and trending headphone in the world. The Airpods Pro is not the first truly wireless earbuds. But it comes with the best quality than the other wireless earbuds and dominating in the hearing category.

So, let’s dive into the Apple Airpods Pro review to find out its pros and cons and why this is the best wireless hearing gadget over the others.

The price of the Airpods Pro ($249) is too pretty than the other earbuds that consider those features like Airpods Pro.

If you’re an iPhone user and looking for active noise canceling, well-fitted, and much quality sound, then it’s not worse for you to get the Airpods Pro.

This is the redesign of the original Apple Airpods which is less likely to fall out from your ear. As well as it provides strong noise-canceling features which let you hear a better sound by preventing outside sound.

Apple Airpods Pro: Updated Design

The first thing about the new design is that this is so tiny and lightweight that if you wear it in your ear, it’s tough to say that they are still there.

With the realization of the lightweight feature in this term, it’s hard to feel that they are still in your ear or not.

The stems are much shorter than the original Airpods. In Airpods 2, it was easy to change or skip a track or activate Siri. But in the new Airpods Pro, it may tough in this way as these stems are much shorter.

Apple Airpods Pro Design

Silicon ear tips design makes it more stable in the ears. Three sizes of ear tips are available for it, don’t need to about fitting in any ears you can choose any size from them.

The three sizes are small, medium, and large, one of them must be fitted to any ears and they are strongly stuck in the ears & never let them fall out from ear canals.

Apple Airpods Pro: How to Use It?

Using Airpod Pro is so easy. First of all, you need to fit the right ear tips which feel comfortable. There are three sizes are available to take one after another and put one which goes with your ears.

Available features are also easy to use if you know them. Transparency mode allows you to press the stream and go with your needs.

Squeezing the steam is for changing the songs, single for pause, double for next, and triple for skipping the next song.

Apple Airpods Pro: How to Use Airpod Pro?

Name can be controlled from the device Bluetooth setting and then set your own name or else you want. Each earbud can be active at a time or can be turned ON/OFF separately.

Apple Airpods Pro: Sound Effects

Crystal sound quality is waiting for you in it. Noise cancellation will fell you in the trap of it for love it.

The force sensor also allows you to what’s going on around you in this lovely world. Use Transparency mode for this.

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Each bud can be customized to your desire. Customizable speaker driver, high ranged amplifier, and the best chip of H1 produces excellent superior sounds in each Airpod.

The ear tips are also great to spread the sound flows in-ear canals directly and they’re so soft to feel comfortable on your ears, you won’t feel any pain from these silicon ear tips. You can easily understand each word from every song.

Apple Airpods Pro: Connectivity

Generally, Apple makes it for using it with OS and iOS operating systems but the great news is that it is also compatible with Android devices.

The steps are so easy to connect an Airpod Pro with a device. First, pull out the Airpods from the charging case and also turn ON the Bluetooth on your mobile.

Apple Airpods Pro Connectivity

From Bluetooth settings, you’ll see the Airpods in the list and select them it then they’ll pair automatically.

Don’t need to worry about pairing them again and again. After connecting for the first time they’ll connect automatically every time. Both AirPods are also connected to each other automatically when they just pull out from their case.

Apple Airpods Pro: Safety

True music lover never wants to depart from their Airpods. So they want to use it in any situation like in the gym, exercise, rain and many more.

you don’t need to worry about the damage to your Airpods in water because it’s waterproof, sweatproof. That’s why it’s safe from water.

The charging case will save the Airpods from being lost. After completing the uses you can keep the Airpods in the case then you can relax.

Never need to worry about exploding the Airpods during charging. It won’t get explode during charging or for overcharging.

Apple Airpods Pro: Noise-canceling

You may use other Airpods of Apple but they don’t have that special feature of noise-cancellation.  When you get tired of excessive noises around you this noise-canceling system will help to get rid of unwanted sounds.

The Airpods have a microphone in them they are inward-facing thus way they can measure sound 200 times per second to annoy outer noises. Noise-cancellation is the best feature of the Airpods Pro.

Apple Airpods Pro: Battery Life

Battery life is an issue for earbuds or Airpods. As you know that an Airpods is costly than other earbuds, you must want long durability in your Airpods.

Well, in this case, Apple doesn’t make you frustrated, It provides a high enough durable battery within a short time of charging.

Completing full charge of the case provides 24 hours of lives.  Each AirPod also needs to be a charge and they can live up to 5 hours with a single charge.

Apple Airpods Pro: Battery Life

Every AirPods last less when they’re using for calling, this AirPods is also the same in this case it can last only 3.5 hours.

While you’re in hurry and your AirPods are dead, then you need to charge it and also you’ve no enough time to charge it then you’re right in place for enjoying your favorite music anytime anywhere.

The best part of charging AirPods Pro is, only 5 minutes of charging will give a listening session of 1 hour.

USB-C lighting cable used for charging the case. The other way of charging this case is without any wire that means that it’s a wireless charging case. Put it on the charging pad and it’ll get enough juice.

Durable best music times are always with if you fully charge it every time before use.

Apple Airpods Pro: Pros & Cons

  • Active noise cancellation
  • Fit able sizes of silicon tips
  • Tracks hearing health
  • Long durable battery
  • Great sound-sensitive stem
  • Much expensive than others
  • Can be lost
  • No companion app

The Bottom Line

Overall it’s a pretty Airpods Pro for enjoying every song on your mobile. Updated than Airpods with having noise cancellation. Though it’ll take much cost its worth of it. The new features that are included in it are enough to make it love.

You can find cheaper earbuds in the market but when you’re a user of Apple products or know about the Apple brand then it’ll be worth your ears easily.

Hope you love this Apple Airpods Pro Review to get an overall idea about this incredible ear hearing. Have a great time with your new Apple Airpods Pro.

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